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    Estimating Power Output

    I need some help estimating the current power output of my Blu Ray. I purchased it about a year and a half ago and it was reported to be a 160 mW phr. It is able to burn a hole the size of a needle in a cd case in 15 seconds. It will start to smoke and burn the surface of white walls and my...
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    650nm red laser pen(including ball pen,PDA,laser)

    The Buttons are placed far to the back on the pen?
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    New Quantum Lasers: Half Light-Half Matter

    I found an interesting article on NewScientist.com There is a new form of laser technology in development based on "exciton polaritons" which are particle packets of energy that are neither light nor matter. Excitons are created by adding a charge to electrons which then leave their orbits...