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    Reasons for 700mw laser not working well

    I recently got an Orcalo 700mw 638nm diode, driver, and a Three Element glass lens from DTR. I have safety glasses and am using 2 14500 3.7V batteries. I don't know why, but the beam is completely invisible to naked eye in daylight, and in dark areas. You really can only see the beam at night...
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    Heatsinks and another question.

    Hey, so I'm building my first handheld laser soon. I ordered an Oclaro 700mW 638 Diode from DTR, I plan on doing this build in an Altoids tin, and I had a few questions. First off, will I need a heatsink? Second, what voltage battery would be best for this? Thank you all in advance, you guys...
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    Laser diode stores?

    Hey! I'm new to laser pointers and I'm planning on building my first burning laser. Where would be the best place to find a diode and driver? I don't think Ebay will be the best place to find a laser diode that is advertised correctly. What website(s) should I go to find a diode and driver (200...