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  1. Geeker

    LED Driver Switching Frequency. The Higher the better?

    I try to understand the LED Driver and design my own. Just wonder if the switching frequency of LED the higher the better? I know than with higher switching frequency you can use lower inductor. The efficiency will increase as well. How about the disadvantages? Are there any?
  2. Geeker

    Need advive buying high power green laser.

    Hi everyone I am looking for a high power green laser probably 200mW to 300mW. I already own a 50mW green laser but the beam is not as visible as I thought on daylight so I am going for higher power one. Just wonder if any reputation company I can buy the laser from? I have around $300 to...
  3. Geeker

    Greeting from Geeker.

    Hey everyone this is Geeker from Paris, France. I am currently a student and can't wait work for some money for this hobby. :D