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  1. alphabirth

    What music does LPF listen to?

    I've been on a huge doom / stoner / sludge metal kick recently. Super stoked for Mastodon's new album to drop! Check out the latest track: Or here's a sample of something a bit more indie: I've also been known to listen to a fair amount of hip-hop (big MF Doom fan): Or downtemo /...
  2. alphabirth

    Possible Safety Measure to stop blindness

    Hi Jhon, I love this question! AR/VR is my day job, so I've actually been thinking about ways to use that technology to be able to provide a useful way to work with my laser projects. Simply using a pass-through feed would be a great way to safely visualize the beam. As mentioned by Diachi...
  3. alphabirth

    Hey check this out

    Diachi, I'm super curious to actually see what that looks like, but it doesn't look like there are any pictures in your post. :(
  4. alphabirth

    rilk and marlty

    It's getting schwifty in here!
  5. alphabirth

    Hyperion Laser Power Meter For Sale: 2W, 6W, & 20W Version

    Hi Astralist, Is there still an upgrade path available from the Hyperion Cu to Hyperion Ag at 20W? Do these two SKUs use the same sensor? It's very tempting, as I'd love to meter my '44 at full power! Cheers! :beer:
  6. alphabirth

    Transplanting a working diode out of a dead drive

    Woo, nice! Any chance to put that puppy in a host or take any power measurements?
  7. alphabirth

    Introducing 405nm.com - New Products Added 4/9

    Since it's already been bumped, and is providing no value, can this post perhaps be un-stickied?
  8. alphabirth

    OPT Lasers LPLDD 5A Driver w/ Pics

    Hi Mateusz! Thanks for the info. It's good to know that the temperatures I'm seeing are actually below the expected operating temperature. The intended use of the diode is in a burning / vaporization application -- primarily of waxy materials. I was able to test out the modulation feature...
  9. alphabirth

    My New X-Drive Is Here !

    At 1.1A I wouldn't expect it to get that hot. Heat dissipation is proportional to amount of current flowing in.
  10. alphabirth

    My New X-Drive Is Here !

    Nice build! What's the diode in there? Is that your NUBM44?
  11. alphabirth

    Enchanted Beams Thread

    Nice shots, Enchilada! And yeah, I've gotta agree with everything that's been said about that RGB build, ArcticDude! Just absolutely stunning work, and that pink beam looks killer. :drool:
  12. alphabirth

    Looking for my first high powered laser

    I'd say build one yourself! You'll save money, learn some things, and be able to get exactly what you want. :) It's fun, it's not too hard, and there is lots of support available on the forum. Good luck and have fun!
  13. alphabirth

    510 / 12mm Modules

    Those are looking great! I wanted to do some more with the 510 form factor, but those adapters are hard to come by.
  14. alphabirth

    OPT Lasers LPLDD 5A Driver w/ Pics

    I just got this OPT Lasers LPLDD 5A driver in to compare against my Blackbuck 8. I haven't done a side-by-side comparison yet, but I did take some pictures of the driver in action. The pictures here are with it hooked up to my NUBM44 prototype rig. The driver as it arrived. A little bit...
  15. alphabirth

    My lens is stuck. Please help!

    Oh man! I lost it on RC's post with the zoom in on the spring! :crackup: That thing was mangled! Yeah, I think I got pretty lucky--there was minimal damage to the components. The smooth side (highlighted in Alien Laser's attachment above) was damaged a bit, but I was able to mostly smooth it...
  16. alphabirth

    My lens is stuck. Please help!

    Update: I finally managed to get this lens unstuck! :D I took a trip to Harbor Freight to pick up some locking pliers to assist with this job--which took 2.5 hours longer than it should have due to Seattle drivers being absolutely terrible when it starts to snow. :/ Regardless, now it's out...
  17. alphabirth

    Prototype Mount NUBM44 Build

    I have asked DTR for help on this module at this point, so hopefully he might be able to help me. Bummer about the SL heatsink not fitting, I hadn't actually looked at the measurements.
  18. alphabirth

    M140 laser module help!

    Check out the thread I posted recently about my NUBM44 build. A couple useful links in there about building the test load for it. Good luck!
  19. alphabirth

    My lens is stuck. Please help!

    I tell ya, soldering with paws isn't easy! :crackup: I'll PM DTR to see if he can help out.
  20. alphabirth

    Hello from middle TN

    Welcome Nutball and Childbrain! Enjoy your stay; plenty to learn here! :D