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  1. weirdmeister

    Quantrad Sensors Scout Gamma Spectroscopy System Files

    edit: thanks to george @ https://groups.io /geigercounterenthusiastsgroup -solved-
  2. weirdmeister

    Nature Shots

    ArcticDude..those photos are awesome..landscape as well :bowdown:
  3. weirdmeister

    Radioisotopes Are Your Friends

    uh ..how sad...david hahn passed away ..haven´t noticed this :yabbem: ive got a vintage counter dp63a ..that has a radium paint dial , i measure 10mr/h behind the thick glas..havent dissassembled yet also inside: B-8 Sr90 source (100mrad/h) another source: DP-2 , Sr-90 as well, ~6 rad/h...
  4. weirdmeister

    got a job

    After reading your story times ago i wish you good luck and satisfaction in your new job
  5. weirdmeister

    ☢ My Radioactive collections ☢

    those old test sources ,especially the black epoxy sealed ones can leaking after this long time, test this by wipe test ! found the other tread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f57/share-your-radioactive-collection-91197.html
  6. weirdmeister

    --Updated-- Another X-Ray thread (Teardown completed)

    nice item ! was there a beryllium window in it? price is :beer: i can recommend this geiger kit: Soldered Mygeiger Dosimeter DIY Geiger Counter Kit w USB and SBM 20 STS 5 Tube | eBay has dead time compensation and tube settings can changed
  7. weirdmeister

    I haven't been here in a long time...

    great photos dude, seems realy noise free those cam
  8. weirdmeister

    What lights do you have?

    this one as edc http://www.ebay.de/itm/800Lm-XM-L-T6-LED-Portable-Keychain-Taschenlampe-Torch-CR123-16340-Light-Lamp-/391099222598
  9. weirdmeister

    Radioactive Rock colecting.

    i must test this to believe :) you know a source for this paper? i only found this: 2? Round ZNS AG Over Thin Film Mylar for Alpha Radiation Detection | eBay
  10. weirdmeister

    Radioactive Rock colecting.

    But only very weak because the radioactive particle and the glowing particle must be together as near as possible...thats why the vintage radium paint was milled very very fine ...nowadays in all vintage clocks the paint is burned out from the alpha emission ..even when you hold strong...
  11. weirdmeister

    Radioactive Rock colecting.

    Thx...yes made myself from 4mm acrylic sheets *edit: 2 more: Troegerite,saxonia,germany billietite with other secondaries. shinkolobwe,congo
  12. weirdmeister

    Radioactive Rock colecting.

    lets refresh this thread :beer: thorite from brevik /telemark/ norway soddyite from shinkolobwe mine /congo uraninite var. pitchblend /haje/czech (self collected) zellerite with schrockingerite ,san juan county/USA bergenite, bergen/germany phosphuranylite -nothern ter./australia...
  13. weirdmeister

    Starting UV and IR Photography; Equipment Search and More!

    Re: Attn: photography buffs; Help requested! i heard the sony cybershot f828 or f717 are easy to mod the filters inside even with a magnet only: https://vimeo.com/107865947
  14. weirdmeister

    Doc is here , welcome to belgium !

    welcome ..have phun :D
  15. weirdmeister

    user from russia here?

    no not that
  16. weirdmeister

    user from russia here?

    thanks again :) who´s capable of building 11w laser could be the right man ;)
  17. weirdmeister

    user from russia here?

    yes i know...but thats the point.. this item is only available in russia, its not expensive so no problem when got lost
  18. weirdmeister

    user from russia here?

    who can send me an item from a company in russia? they dont ship international.... pm me pls.. thx
  19. weirdmeister

    How do I pinpoint a wifi source?

    Its the one from farproc ... www.wifianalyzer.mobi
  20. weirdmeister

    How do I pinpoint a wifi source?

    if you have android tablet u can use the app "wifi analyzer" (ver. 3.9) it makes a beep when you get closer to the source like the device in alien movies :)