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    New "laser armour" for pilots

    Thought this might interest some of us Night Flight Concepts Unveils New Aviation Laser Defense Solutions | Vertical - Helicopter News
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    MellesGriot 10x Beam expander for 532nm green laser

    I am selling this for $165(LPF) shipped, insured and tracked. I tried to get pictures up but failed, too high megapixel. Beam Expander 10X Melles Griot for 532nm Green laser | eBay for pictures.
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    IgorT w/ DrLava driver 405nm

    I have an IgorT w/ DrLava driver 405nm clicky host. It barely puts out a beam anymore. Would this be as simple as removing the old diode and installing/ soldering a new one in? As I recall soldering is a one shot move. No going backwards. Is this worth anything as a future build or not?
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    Been away for a while

    Some of you may remember me or maybe not. For the 6 months I spent in this forum a couple three years ago I spent about $2500 on lasers, beam expanders and batteries. My 450mw 532nm was about $1600 if I remember correctly. Of all the lasers I have the little 405nm was THE most useful laser I...
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    35 mile laser shoot

    Last Saturday night at about 10pm I was at Warm Springs Oregon. That is an Indian Res. My 2 grown children are 1/2 Warm Springs Indian. We were at a house on a hill overlooking a valley, more of a bowl 4miles in diameter.To the southwest is Mt.Jefferson about 35 miles away. It was a clear night...
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    "Bluray" LED's

     Being my last three bluray lasers crapped out as well as my last two 650's I thought I'd go for some cheap colors. I bought a "UV" ultrafire with a UV LED rated at 395nm at 3 watts. (I think those numbers are right)  I just recieved my UV ultrafire yesterday. It came with a 3 watt UV led. I...
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    Need/want a 125mw+ bluray

    My old lasersmith has been indisposed to making or contacting me about a bluray. I want a new bluray. I have had 3 in the past. All three have burned out. The third one burned out even when I treated it carefully. So I want a robust, not over powered, bluray that will last at least a year or...
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    I have a dream

    Someday we will be able to genetically alter our primitive tie to the past. I believe that is why men are so competitive. They want to be the first and only to "plant" thier seed.
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    Are IR diodes hard to get? Gunshow BS

    I was at the Portland expo center gunshow last weekend and a guy there ,who sells lasers for guns, said it is next to impossible to buy IR diodes because of the FEDS paranoia or something. Is this true?
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    Money $$$

    I'm sure you can get these images off the web but I got to get up close to these last Sunday at the numistmatist show in Portland, Oregon. There were two armed guards withing a few feet , one private , one city cop.
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    Laser Dazzler 500mw greenie for cops and military

    http://www.laserdazzler.net/index.htm 8-) Why do they need a laser reticle scope when using diffused laser light. I guess if it has a trigger and is pointed at the "perp" then it must have a scope!
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    Beam shots of the RPL-450

    If you want the most fun(I think)you need a powerful laser with a beam expander. Just takes away the divergence so your beam stays intact further.
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    PC purge and green laser light. Pics

    I work as an injection molding engineer. I test and qualify molds for production runs. At the start of the run we purge out a small amount of the plastic and discard it. I've found that Polycarbonate in its virgin clear form is good for special effects. As the plastic comes out of the nozzle it...
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    LED flashlights, what are they?

    I recently saw a youtube video ad of a cree led flashlight. It had adjustable brightness(digital). Memory power settings, strobe, etc. etc. What are these flashlights and what are the best ones to buy as far as quality goes. I love lights of all kinds and these have got me intrigued.
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    News flash, green laser at SeaTac X

    This annoys me to no end. Some creton shining an aircraft with a visible laser. Heard it on the news this morning. Someone was shining jets at SeaTac Airport in Tacoma, Washington. 120 miles north of me. I was joking with a coworker I expected the FBI at my door any day now. Is there a voice for...
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    My new RPL-450 w/3X beam expander, photos

    Just got this little baby. Traded in my 225 plus some cash. We make stuff for spectra physics so I have a few handles from bar code readers. The expander came with an adapter ring. Due to the beam never coming out straight I devised a further adaptation using a piece of "line loc" little plastic...
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    WTF! FDA prohibits DX to ship to US

    Over 5mw and DX wont ship. Probably old news knowing me. Whats up?
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    Healing properties of red laser light

    I work on my feet all day and after 60 years I'm feeling the effects of gravity on my feet. The other night I took my 200mw IgorT red 650nm laser and moved it around the "cuneform" bones (found the names on google). They seem to be the bones that take the brunt of gravity in the feet. They are...
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    Beam expander optics

    I asked a knowledgeable person about the X after the 10 on a beam expander and this person(Jack at optotronics) said, "the beam diameter is increased by "X" amount and divergence is also decreased by that same amount." Does this mean that if you start with a 1mm beam diameter you will end up...
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    Cool laser optics table cheap

    Check out this toy on Fleabay. The 10mw HeNe laser says 1984 on it, but all the mirrors, clamps etc must be worth thousands. http://cgi.ebay.com/PRECISION-LASER-OPTICAL-TEST-FIXTURE_W0QQitemZ360122221811QQihZ023QQcategoryZ73165QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262