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  1. Antimony Trioxide

    WTB Red laser.

    I want to buy the most powerful possible red laser in a 18650 host. I already have a 500mW 532nm Viasho, 1W 445nm WL, and soon I'm going to order the WL 200mW 405nm sonar (they reduced the price to $90). So the only major wavelength im missing in my collection is red. WL sells a 200mW 660nm for...
  2. Antimony Trioxide

    Having problems with my 500mW 532nm Viasho

    I purchased this about a month ago from LPF member Dark_Star in his sales thread here. When I first got it, it had a solid beam, although it had an extremely wide beam at the aperture. I don't have a LPM capable of measuring up to 500mW so I assume its a 500mW. Anyway, randomly it just got...
  3. Antimony Trioxide

    Driver question

    Hi, I'm familiar with cheap DX 50mW modules. But they can only accept 3 volts. They cant even accept an 18650. For my next new flashlight build, I want to make a triple LED Maglite with a 50mW laser in the middle. The laser has to be directly powered by the batteries in the Mag (9~36 volts)...
  4. Antimony Trioxide

    Custom 900 Lumen Maglite - Made to order - Sell or Trade

    Maglite is universally recognized and accepted as being of the most rugged, durable, and simplistic flashlights in the world. Unfortunately, Maglite is not know for its outstanding light output; just about 75 lumens. That is where I come into play. What I have here to sell is a custom 900...