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    Multi-Mode Cree -> FLASER?

    in all the moding that's going down why haven't i seen anyone try adding one of these babies to change the light patterns on their 'home grown' laser yet? seems like the most logical 'next step' to me... dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7612 i guess if you had a hybrid flashlight / Laser - it...
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    Deal Extreme 50mW Greenie +pics

    Ok, so i got my 50 mw greenie from deal extreme. i had previously bought "one" from ebay for about $65AUD so getting one for about $30AUD ($26US) was pretty nice. initial impressions was that the new one was identical to the previous. but after putting batteries in it and pointing it into a...
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    To Lase, or to burn (dvd's) that is the question

    I just bought an 18 speed Samsung DVD burner for $39 AUD and would like to take it apart and play with the laser, but i'm thinking if it's going to be an Open Can diode, it might just leave it as a dvd burner and retain it's original functionality. problem is, i don't know if it's open can...