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    Years ago it was done in the IR with very high gain dyes and very tiny outputs and far red or IR diode pumping. For years I've been explaining why this is very difficult in the visible, needing a flowing jet, 200 nanosecond transfer time, quenching, spot size from the diode, triplet state...
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    I often see posts where forum members say "They (insert government agency here) do not have jurisdiction over me/you/us". Ever wonder what happens when a Federal Agency decides to explore where and when it's jurisdiction begins and ends? This is for drones, not lasers, but you could see what...
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    Stop Suffering -->LPM parts

    Want something a little more professional then a home made absorber?: https://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=11777 This post brought to you by a laser professional who cringes at some of the home made LPMs he has seen. Granted many hobbyist Peltier based systems are well...
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    FDA starting new Enforcement Sweep

    In what is a highly unusual move for the Agency, CDRH sent the following link via email to every Varienced Laser Show User in the USA A friend forwarded me the email.. Here is the gist of the letter in a web link...
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    Documented Pilot Injury

    So it begins........ An injured pilot shows up at the right hospital with a sophisticated retinal scanner... Now the community has to deal with documented evidence of retinal damage in flight... The @ sign in laser is because the pilot forum I copied this from bans the use of "laser"...
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    Giving Intentional illuminations the NODD

    New One... Nominal Ocular Dazzle Distance.... Much different then Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance.. Much harder to calculate..................... Discuss.... Steve
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    Just a reminder. Be Careful. Another Eye Injury.

    I'm helping a young gentleman right now via email. He got up close and personal with the scattered IR light from a DPSS pump diode. As far as he can remember, he held the laser chassis up to his face with the lid off to examine where the pump beam was landing. A few days later, he...
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    Fda import form number

    Form is FDA 2877 LINK IS http://www.fda.gov/downloads/AboutFDA/ReportsManualsForms/Forms/UCM080778.pdf Link Current as of 22 SEPT 2014 Also is attached. Note this does not let you do whatever you want. Nor does it allow import of a illegal, OEM, or un-approved item without restrictions...
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    New Show Software, "Get Laser Show" By Riya and Illumination Supply

    Copied from my Thread on That Other Forum..... Illumination Supply in connection with RIYA Lasers LTD offered me a Sample of their New Product for review. I usually don't do reviews, but this product, in my opinion, rated a exception. Disclaimer: I have no connection to the product other...
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    Laser on Airliner, User Arrested.

    Quote: Incident: Sun Country B737 near Spokane on Sep 5th 2013, smell of smoke as result of passenger laser burning holes By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Sep 6th 2013 17:36Z, last updated Saturday, Sep 7th 2013 17:24Z A Sun Country Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration N716SY performing...
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    Ion , Co2 , Holmium, 1064 YAG

    I'm at my friend Bruce's warehouse for a week. If your looking for medical surplus lasers or parts, drop me a PM here or on PL. I have 66 lasers and parts to go through, sell, or scrap. Plus plasma tubes. This is not a fire sale, but if you want a HGM 5, a HGM 8, HGM 20, or Lexel 85 or 88 now...
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    18650 Batteries

    I need a reliable US based source of 18650s that fit in a spider 3 battery case, for testing purposes. Would not like some half assed battery from tim-buk-tu or a "quality Asian Vendor" Need 2 batteries and a charger. No, No, No I did not buy a Spider. I'm helping a researcher who did. Dont...
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    Reference spectrum lines (neon)

    Make Sticky please. A common neon lamp from a hardware store or "Radio Shack" in the US, will get you the following ionic lines: l nm Color 540.1 green 585.2 yellow 588.2 yellow 603.0 orange 607.4 orange 616.4 orange 621.7 red-orange 626.6 red-orange 633.4 red 638.3 red...
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    Obama Signs Bill

    Obama Signs Bill: from the laser light show mailing list: Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama signed a bill which includes a provision making it a federal crime to aim a laser pointer at an aircraft, or at the flight path of an aircraft in U.S. airspace. The language in H.R. 658's Section...
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    HENEs for sale.

    I have 4 Siemans LG7641 series tubes for sale, new old stock, NOS. Each has been fired up on my bench for 20 minutes, and power is 1 mW +/- 2.5% , usually higher. Asking 32$ and 7$ shipping each,in the US (Priority Mail, fixed rate) These are the raw glass tube, not a head. They have never...
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    Abandoned russian space simulation chamber

    saoirse_2010: Enjoy, the mirrors are for arrays of Xenon arc lamps. Note the Really Good engineering. Steve
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    3D PDFS wanted as training aides.

    CCed from my post at PL: Somebody around here has access to the tools for this. Help the new folks visualize what they need to learn. Training aid Idea is to make senior users life a little easier when they explain things. Note spelled AIDES to avoid the immature jokes. Steve
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    1 to 1.5 Watt Argon Semi_kits..

    Ok, a good friend of mine bought a large amount of gear at auction a few years ago. It came from the closing auction of a Lexel plant. (This is just before Cambridge bought Lexel) A couple of semi trucks worth. He has 22 Lexel 85-SVG heads, these are a hotter then normal Lexel 85 with special...
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    This just mentioned on PL: Energy Technology Development Ltd./Wicked Lasers I think it answers the much debated certification question quite well. Line 8. Steve
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    Good Morning America - Pointers

    Someone is going to want to DVR/TAPE Good Morning America on ABC this morning, special on easy to obtain high power laser pointers and aircraft. I cant do it, no DVR. Yep, National Media attention. Steve