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    TINY Blu-Ray switching power supply on eBay now

    Hi all,   I just wanted to point out that I've got a tiny (0.52"L x0.36"W x0.19"T) Blu-Ray switching power supply on eBay now (see photo).  It accepts a WIDE range of input voltages from 0.4v up to 5.5v!  This means your laser won't quit until the batteries are REALLY dead!  It is regulated and...
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    Tiny Blu-Ray power supplies working well!

    Hi folks, you might remember some of my posts from a while ago about making a tiny switching power supply to drive the violet LD of the Playstation KES-400A/AA/AAA Blu-Ray diodes.  Well they are finally working well!! (see pix below) Then run great even from a single AAA battery, though I still...
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    On the web: Tiny PCB for violet/red LDs with touch

    Hi all!   I finally got part of the documentation online for my Blu-Ray laser pointer project.  Visit http://web.mit.edu/cjoye/www/lasers/BluRay1/[url] to watch the progress, get schematics, or see some ideas! The pointer is all home-done, from schematic to circuit board to 3D modeling to...
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    Another Blu-Ray power, I-V measurement set

    Hi all,  I just did this characterization on my Nichia Blu-Ray diode from a KES-400A that I got from Daedal.  The power measurement was done with a Scientech laser calorimeter that I confirmed by calibration procedure.  Wow, this violet LD puts out up to 30mW!  I was scared to push it to 50mA...
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    How are >5mW lasers sold legally?

    Hi all, I just read through the FDA laws (21CFR1040.10) on legal laser limits, which you can read for yourself here: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfCFR/CFRSearch.cfm?FR=1040.10 .  Basically, lasers under 5mW, such as the common Class-IIIa only require a label in the visible...
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    Pulsed lasers -- Any advantages??

    Hi all,  I just measured my red DVD LD power and Bluray LD power yesterday -- Luckily we've got a few Scientech Laser Calorimeters in my lab at MIT - We use them for measuring millimeter wave sources, "Masers".  I don't know when/if they are calibrated right, though, as the numbers came out...
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    Get rid of your silicon battery blockers!!

    Hi folks!  Been watching this forum for a few months, but it's my first post! Anyway, I'm working on a crazy Blu-Ray pointer circuit that I'll describe more later, but I wanted to share an idea with you DIYer's who are still using silicon diodes to protect from putting the batteries in...