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  1. realista

    Cheap 1w 445nm, is it good?

    i found this 445nm laser pointer High Performance 5mw Blue Light Laser Pointer for Astro Observation (445nm 2 x 16340 Battery)-78.13 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com and asking about power they replied it's a 1w laser. Do you think it's a good one to purchase??
  2. realista

    i look for 520nm laser in a 1x14500 host. even if only 500mw(due to HEAT) is ok!

    hi. i already own a 445nm laser in trustfire f25 silver host (1x14500) that i REALLY LOVE. it is set to 600mw max. i bought here in this site about 2/3 years ago from a member i don't remember the name. i hate handeld laser because i can not bring with me that kind of laser. so i only uses...
  3. realista

    what is the cheapest 1w 520nm handheld?

    hello to all. i would consider to buy a nice 1w green laser. i only own a 270/300mw handheld and i just can't imagine how bright can be a 1w laser. i noticed that on olike site it is aroung 600$. can i find it on a cheaper price? and..... do you thing that within 6 months or 12 months will be a...
  4. realista

    beam expander inside an olike laser?

    hi.. i noticed this High Power 100mW Green laser wand /Wide beam/focuasable [OL-OWDG-100] - $81.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce the beam diameter is 6/8 mm... and i read "It is perfect dot ,and little dot at long distance ,so it is good for pointing long distance ". so i think that mrad...
  5. realista

    POSSIBLE 405nm laser phototerapy. LABIAL HERPES?

    i found this : Skin diseases Our new laser needle phototerapy is based on the recent results of the modern dermatological reserch. The basic principle of our therapy is to irradiate the affected skin areas simultaneously with blue and red laserneedle radiation of high energy density.10 The...
  6. realista

    [sold in italy]OPTOTRONICS 150+ pen .one ot the highest OVERSPEC (about 220mw peak)

    hi, i am selling my optotronics pen. i ordered it on august 11 and jack sent me one of the best of the batch. i sell this nice unit because i would buy in the next future an endeavor NOVALASER pen at 250mw but i am waiting it goes on sale ( now it is 580$... ) it0s a long story, i explain in...
  7. realista

    what about yourlasers.com ? the DX dedicated laser

    ...what about it?
  8. realista

    REVIEW- Tiny yobresal build 550mw 5mode - by realista

    hi. I recently bought a laser from yobresal……this is my FIRST:drool: 445nm laser and I’m going to write my personal review ORIGINAL THREAD and price http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/500mw-5-mode-awesome-tiny-silver-445nm-laser-65614.html I saw for the first time the laser here…. And yobresal...
  9. realista

    sony NEXELION : first 18650 TRUE 3500mah!!!

    hello... this is a good news..... Sony update its Nexelion Batteries with the new 3.5Ah 18650WH1 « Akihabara News OFFICIAL LINK ......... http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/200502/05-006E/
  10. realista

    does someone have the green laser +6 led?

    hi... i'm looking for some video or pics.... and review about the laser that have in the front part.... also 6 leds..... i notice that it is not reviewed..... like this http://www.dealextreme.com/p/2-in-1-6-led-white-light-flashlight-200mw-stars-light-show-green-laser-pen-3-aaa-39464
  11. realista

    how much DISCOUNT can i have with optotronics NOW? i must order now.

    hi.. i need to order tonight an opto 150mw pen... is there a special coupon to have some discount???
  12. realista

    10% discount on some DX laser. does it ALSO work with lpf coupon to have 20% total?

    hi.. i noticed that some lasers.. are discounted on DX.... but i don't know if it work with the lpf coupon. I DON'T reember the coupon made for LPF.. and IF does it work with ANY laser sold in DX. if it work with all... maybe it is cumulable with the actual offer
  13. realista

    is it the cheapest 445nm? dinodirect 1w 123$

    ...i would buy a 445nm laser. 1000mW 1W 447nm Waterproof Adjust Focus Blue Laser Pointer Pen (1 x 18650 Battery) - DinoDirect.com i think it is the cheaper 445 i found.
  14. realista

    this POPULAR host/laser has a secret....can install optical effect

    hi..... chatting on msn with rayfoss.... they told me that a laser that they sell is capable to fit in the famouls 5 optical effect......... i am speaking about this host. they told me that REMOVING the white circular cover... there are threads that fits perfectly with the star... etc...
  15. realista

    2watt laser from focalprice......

    i found this laser at FP Focalprice.com offers 2000mw 450nm Blue Aluminum Laser Pointer Pen with 5 Heads (Black) ,discount 2000mw 450nm Blue Aluminum Laser Pointer Pen with 5 Heads (Black),2000mw 450nm Blue Aluminum Laser Pointer Pen with 5 Heads (Black) products,low price 2 ....seems similar...
  16. realista

    PICS+lpm overspec RAYFOSS 200mW-FMK(IRfiltered) power 275avg peak 306(225$ shipped!)

    PICS+lpm overspec RAYFOSS 200mW-FMK(IRfiltered) power 275avg peak 306(190$ shipped!) helo, i come from italy(so i prefer ship it in my nation IF possible).... and i ordered some months ago this laser rom rayfoss www.rayfoss.com it's in like new condition, used only few times because i...
  17. realista

    what ABOUT rayfoss 600mw Blue Laser Torch?who own it?

    i'm interested to buy a 445nm blue laser...... but i don't want to spend much money..... and i like star efect(and others) on a laser. .........i found on rf site this laser www.rayfoss.com sold at 140$ rated 500/600mw + stra effect. but the NICE FEATURE i like...... is the momentary push...
  18. realista

    i'm looking 4 a 445 with changeable 5in1 effect

    hi........... i don't own a 445nm laser at 1w.. but if i buy one.. i would find a model that allows to change the effect of the bean.. like the 5 in 1 optics..... where can i find a laser with this option? the max that i found is some 445nm from olike or rayfoss with STAR EFFECT. but this is...
  19. realista

    WL E3 or an optotronics 150mw?+my comments

    hello boys.... i alreay have some green lasers about 50mw.... ..and one about 300mw green from rayfoss. but i can not go outsde home with a MONSTER HANDHELD laser...so it is becoming useless for me ..... so i would buy the most powerfull pen. ok.. the most powerfull and superb pen is the...
  20. realista

    does someone use 1.6volt POWERGENIX NiZn aa/aaa batteries?

    hello boys.... i noticed that there are rechargeable batteries that can have 1.6 volt..... and that should be PERFEFT for those wnat to use the laser pointer without to loose power from 1.5v to 1.2 volt... i think that the laser can handle MAX power for so much time with these batteries...