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    Can anyone record something for me? BBC One

    Hi there everyone! Christmas is approaching, and so is the Christmas Special of Doctor Who, "Voyage of the Damned", on BBC One! Now since I sit in Germany, I can't watch it because I am out of range of the BBC satellite projection. So I was wondering whether any of you UK people could record...
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    Quo Vadis with your lasers?

    Having just received my DX30, I am happily beaming off into the night :) Yet, after I was done, I asked myself "so what, 26$ for some light on the wall?" Although I am aware that 26$ is really cheap for that, I did ask myself "what do you actually do with a laser? I mean, I won't use my 30mW to...
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    3W rgb

    Just thought I'd share this with you, maybe some will apreciate it. While wandering through the university I discovered a poster on the wall describing the results of a research project about nonlinear optics, resulting in a RGB-laser. So the basic idea is, you take "yer olde ND:YLF" @ 1047nm...
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