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    Laser as in-home Self Defense?

    It's been a while since I posted, but I've been mulling around the idea lately about using a laser pointer as home defense and wanted to get peoples opinions. Do you think, if used in your own home in the case of a break in, a .5w+ pointer could provide any self-defense? I realize lasers are...
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    You guys *have* to try this

    So, I haven't posted in a while, but I was sitting here at work after installing a bunch of router cards, and have these empty anti-static bags laying around...I took my blu-ray laser and pointed it at one, careful to hit a flat spot and not one that would reflect back at me...and the reflection...
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    Can a laser hurt a digital camera?

    Hello Me, asking a noobish question again...I have a nice dSLR, and I'm curious if taking a picture of the dot or beam can hurt the CMOS sensor? Not really sure if too much light can damage the electronics like it can damage our eyes. Thanks! Ian
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    Laser Died?

    Good Morning I have the following issue. When I power on my laser, there is a fraction of a second where it's the old brightness, and then it's very dim, like an LED. Is this a battery problem? Perhaps my cr123 went dead? Or, is it something more problematic, like the diode being burnt out? I...
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    "Eyes getting tired" and finishing my DJr build

    Hi Everyone Today, my final piece arrived, DrLava's flexdrive preset to 110 ma.  I borrowed a soldering iron from a friend, and when I took the flexdrive out of the packaging, and looked at the size of solder I had, I knew it wasn't going to work.  The solder was a bigger diameter than the...
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    Hello, and thank you!

    Good Afternoon! I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello and thanks. I've been lurking around for the past week or so (and briefly a couple months before that), and have really learned quite a bit about building your own laser. From which custom hosts work well, people selling custom...