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  1. MikeSD

    Are there any hosts like this?

    I'd like to find a good host, with the following: 1) Key back button, and side thumb button. 2) Ability to input code to allow powering (yeah, OCD safe), with #2, I guess #1 isn't required. Because of the obvious danger of lasers, I want to make one that is absolutely foolproof (within...
  2. MikeSD

    Help me put together a laser test bench

    I started out on my project, looking for an IR laser of more power than what I can buy for my rifles. Then, got sucked into the whole laser field. ;) I'm an electrical engineer but have worked very little with lasers. So, in that regards I'm a total newbie. I'm also of retirement age, so it...
  3. MikeSD


    Thought I already posted here. Guess not. I was directed here by two sources. DTR and Survival Laser. I became interested in lasers, when I got into night vision. I have a long interest in firearms and weapons and recently got into night vision. I have, as part of my night vision, both...
  4. MikeSD

    Single Mode Laser Diodes

    Anyone have an example of a laser pointer they have made, that uses a single mode diode, to produce a circular spot. Is it possible to make a handheld class 4 laser using a single mode diode? What diode did you use? I'm curious what the build might be like, since most here are using multi...
  5. MikeSD

    Host plus beam expanders?

    I have a couple 2W blue lasers and I'm thinking of making one with a beam expander. I've been using the survival laser S4 host. I also have one of the stainless hosts. But I'm not aware of any beam expander (5x or 10x) that work with these. 1) Is there a beam expander that will work with...
  6. MikeSD

    Terminology? And sizing?

    Parts and pieces, names, terminology and sizes. In looking for a host assembly, to build a laser, I'm confounded by all the terminology and sizing. For the one I built already, everything came in 2 bundles. I bought a host assembly, that included a heatsink, driver, driver module, and...