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    PBS Cube Maximum Power

    Hi LPF, I have recently dismantled a 8x DVD laptop burner and I have got the dichros, lens and the PBS cube intact. I would want to use that PBS cube to combine the beams of two LPC-836 diodes @ >300mw. From what I can see, this cube is coated (normal blue tint, reddish at certain angles) and...
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    $10.90 Aurora C6 Host!

    Today I've found the Aurora C6 Host for $10.90 in DealExtreme! It seems absolutely the same except: "Aurora" isn't engraved on the grip:na:, and you buy it without any LED nor Driver (it has got a driver pill). I think it's a great deal to buy it for $5.51 less, because you can spend that in a...