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  1. BrannonLee

    finally introducing myself

    havent really introduced myself to anyone so i figured why not I first found out about these lasers about 5 years ago at a hootenanny i go to every year in the backwoods of Georgia. The guy had one of those cheap green pen lasers from ebay with the kaleidoscope caps. At the time it was the...
  2. BrannonLee

    Laser For Iphone?

    Just typed in laser pointer in the app store on my iphone and this came up https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ilaserpointer-for-professional/id370843597?mt=8 Is this Legit? Has anyone ever used this? Where would you buy the plug in diode for it?
  3. BrannonLee

    New member

    hey guys. just wanted to say im new here and ive been reading up on a lot of the stickies and rules and what not. you guys have done an awesome job making this website what it is and im glad to be a part of it. I have lots of questions but im too scared people will blow up on me for not doing my...
  4. BrannonLee

    delete this thread please

    delete please
  5. BrannonLee

    where can i buy this certain green laser?

    Hi guys. just made a membership on the site so i can get some info of where to buy a certain laser that i have been searching the web far and wide for. i used to own a kaleidoscope green laser pointer 100mw the caps also screwed off but im sure i got ripped off because it only lasted a few...