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  1. Byrnz93

    Back after 4ish years

    Thanks for the welcome back guys. @Isaac Clarke - Yeah, there were only two others that I knew of back when I joined. Difficult with the laws and that. Those new 520 and 462nm diodes sound interesting. And wow, yeah I was wondering why I was seeing 3+W 445nm builds round the place. Definitely...
  2. Byrnz93

    Back after 4ish years

    Finally decided to come back to this hobby after a long absence after finding my unfinished 445nm build while doing a clean. Now that I'm just about done with my degree and picking up some work, hopefully I'll have the spare cash to get some bigger builds done down the road. Been doing some...
  3. Byrnz93

    What is your favorite Mediaplayer ?

    MPCHC. Comes with CCCP so it'll play anything. Found VLC would always stuff up when it came to subtitles or alternate audio. For music though I use winamp.
  4. Byrnz93

    daguin's away - EVERYONE RUN RIOT!!!

    I heard about this thread so I brought some bees 7X4d3D8SncM
  5. Byrnz93

    Best 2.0 speakers?

    You should check out Edifier, they're a pretty awesome brand.
  6. Byrnz93

    Post your most memerable video games

    I just got into the Touhou Project games. Brings back memories of the old bullet hell games I would play at the arcade, except these are soooooo much better
  7. Byrnz93

    WL Spyder III Arctic G2- Full review and videos!

    A nice thorough review mate! I was actually surprised to see you had an Arctic, I didn't expect it to get through Aussie customs with all the coverage by the media. Anyway, well done!
  8. Byrnz93

    Post your most memerable video games

    Close enough, was born in 1993. Yeah they don't make the consoles like they used to. I remember when my N64 refused to work all I had to do blow into the game cartridge slot. Nowadays it's usually get it fixed/return it.
  9. Byrnz93

    Guitar playing, anybody?

    One of my mates the year above me in highschool played that this year. Couldn't believe how good he was! Sold it almost 2 years ago so I could buy a guitar. Sometimes I really miss it :( It was really nice too, had a rose brass lead pipe and bell, always kept it polished and clean.. Back when I...
  10. Byrnz93

    Post your most memerable video games

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - N64 (one of the greatest games of all time IMO) 007 Goldeneye - N64 A Bug's Life - N64 Toy Story 2 - N64 Pokemon Snap! - N64 Pokemon Stadium - N64 Mario Kart - N64 Super Smash Bros. - N64 Pokemon Yellow - Gameboy Colour KOTOR - PC (playing it again for the...
  11. Byrnz93

    Goldeneye 007: Nintendo Wii

    Is it any good on the Wii? It was one of my fave games on the N64.
  12. Byrnz93

    The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

    I choice between my curtains and a battery charger. I'm sure I'll last long.
  13. Byrnz93

    1.6W Ehgemus 14650 Pen Host W/Dual Flexdrives

    Re: Ehgemus 14650 Pen Host -- 780mW 445nm -- Geez, I swear you have a new build at least everything week. Been meaning to ask, is that normal tape you insulate your drivers with in a lot of your builds, or some of that "heatsink" tape I've heard about?
  14. Byrnz93

    Guitar playing, anybody?

    Heh, I wish. I had more skill with the trumpet than the guitar, but the trumpet isn't exactly something your friends would listen to :p Mainly I've just learned rhythm, no leads for me lol.
  15. Byrnz93

    Guitar playing, anybody?

    Yeah I play, been playing for around a year and a half now. At the moment I have a Cort Acoustic/Electric. Been looking for an electric though, thinking about an Aria 714. Pretty decent price, and it sounds great (at least my friend's does).
  16. Byrnz93

    What watch are you wearing?

    Just ordered this from DX Actually looks pretty nice
  17. Byrnz93

    1.6W 445nm Polished Aluminum Ehgemus Host Review - My New Centerpiece

    Re: 1.5W 445nm Polished Aluminum Ehgemus Host Review - My New Center Peice Very nice review! Ehgemus's hosts always look great, I really want to get one for my 445 but other things come first.
  18. Byrnz93


    Haha, thank you sooo much for not posting that :P Umm are you sure about that? Everything I have read on the subject of antimatter states clearly that antimatter has positive mass. Are you sure you aren't thinking of antimatter having the opposite spin and charge of their counterpart "normal"...
  19. Byrnz93


    Would a single molecule of hydrogen fall in a vacuum? I would think it would have enough energy to still "whiz" around the place. I remember reading about the speculation of negative mass, it was pretty interesting. It would behave the exact opposite of something with positive mass, i.e. it...
  20. Byrnz93

    Free CVI Melles Griot tee shirt

    Yeah, I got my shirt a few days after the email a week or so ago. And another shirt just arrived while I was gone.