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  1. Byrnz93

    Back after 4ish years

    Finally decided to come back to this hobby after a long absence after finding my unfinished 445nm build while doing a clean. Now that I'm just about done with my degree and picking up some work, hopefully I'll have the spare cash to get some bigger builds done down the road. Been doing some...
  2. Byrnz93

    Any Aussies here have applied/been to the NYSF?

    Just as the thread title says: Have any Australians here been to the National Youth Science Forum? I'm pretty sure there is at least one Aussie here who is in the school year applicable to applying. And there are plenty of Aussies who are past that year. So, anyone?
  3. Byrnz93

    Great service from LarryDFW!!!

    I purchased 2*2400mAh 18650 Li-Iion batteries and a 18650 charger from LarryDFW a few weeks ago. Needless to say, he provided excellent communication through the transaction. Unfortunately, when the charger arrived and I plugged it in (through my travel adaptor), it died. LarryDFW provided an...
  4. Byrnz93

    What kind of gas laser would this be?

    We had a school trip to the University of Queensland a while back and remember being shown several gas lasers. I'm very sure the guide said they were gas lasers. Anyway, the lasers had around 3 slots on top in which these card-like things could be inserted. The combination of the cards...
  5. Byrnz93

    Flux Dispensing Pen - Acidic or not?

    Today I just bought this flux dispensing pen. The clerk over the counter said she thought it was most likely flux for electronics (since this was an electronics store) but wasn't sure. So I hopped on the site of the distributor to do some reading and found the site linked to above. It says its...
  6. Byrnz93

    5mW red

    Got a new phone a while back, so I decided to muck around with the camera on my old one. Thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it.
  7. Byrnz93

    Safety Glasses/Goggles seller in Australia

    I've been going through some sites looking for a good pair of safety glasses and just stumbled upon this site . They seem good enough, and seeing that they're in Australia they would be a hell of a lot quicker for any Australians than the China sellers. Hopefully they don't check if Australian...
  8. Byrnz93


    Hey everyone, I don't think I ever introduced myself on this forum, sorry about that lol. Well, if you've seen some of my other posts you'll obviously know I live in Australia haha. Just got interested in lasers quite recently when my friend decided to order some 100mW reds from hong kong. At...
  9. Byrnz93

    Fitting module into host

    Ok, I know I'm sounding like a total noob here, but how hard is it fitting, say, a 50mW (12mm diameter) module into a rayfoss waterproof torch host (fits 12mm modules? Would I really need a vice or something for it? And I've heard some people talking about "bypassing the switch". What is that...
  10. Byrnz93

    Anyone in Australia able to build a laser for a price?

    Hey, I became interested in laser a few months back but haven't managed to get any through customs. Just had a few 100mws seized last week :( So I was wondering if there was anyone here in Australia that would be able to write up a list of parts I'd need (not overly expensive, I'd like to keep...