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  1. Sepehr

    Greetings from Iran!

    Hi everyone, I'm Sepehr (Pronounced like "Zephyr", but with 'S' instead of 'Z' and pronouncing an additional 'H') , a 22 years old guy from Iran interested in Physics and Lasers. I joined this Forum yesterday and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering (4...
  2. Sepehr

    No access to any LPM owner; what's the most accurate and easiest to make DIY LPM?

    Hi guys, Thanks for this amazing forum, it has lots of useful information from pros and experts and I really like the color theme too. I'm living in Iran and I couldn't find a single LPM owner whom I could ask for measuring my laser power output. I have a cheap red 650nm and <5mW (if the label...