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  1. sk8er4514

    HighTechDealZ Cyber Monday 50% off everything

    Lasers, HighTechDealZ Cheap red 300mW & blue (445nm) 1W lasers! thanks everyone & happy holidays, Kendall
  2. sk8er4514

    445nm blue lighting candles with 3 cameras

    9sp2AlQsNoI I set up 3 cameras at once. Pretty neat effect I think to have multiple views of some candles lighting. :) -Kendall
  3. sk8er4514

    FS: 445nm 1W+, 405nm 120mW+, 650nm 300mW+ Laser Diodes!

    It's been forever since I've posted much in LPF, so howdy and Merry Christmas everyone! I've got a bit too much inventory and too much time to kill in the next couple weeks so I've priced all my lasers at competitive prices to try to move some product. You are able to get an additional 10% off...
  4. sk8er4514

    eBikes anyone?

    I'm curious if any of y'all are into the electric bicycle scene? I've ridden one before in Costa Rica and it was amazing. I'm building my own currently, just waiting some some more parts in the mail coming from China. I'm building a 72V 1.5kW rear hub motor on a 26" mountain bike. Using 20s2p...
  5. sk8er4514

    Laser Flashlight Hack! ZOMG

    CgJ0EpxjZBU hehe. -Kendall
  6. sk8er4514

    FS: 405nm PHR805T Blu Ray Laser Diodes

    405nm PHR805T Blu Ray Brand New Laser Diode Just FYI for the LPF masses, I will now be selling PHR805T laser diodes in addition to all my other laser diodes (445nm 1+W diodes, LPC826, LPC815, and GGWH20L). All my prices are with FREE USA shipping, so compare that to others selling similar...
  7. sk8er4514

    WTB: SF-AW210 Bulk

    I'm looking to buy 25 to 50 of SF-AW210 diodes or sleds. Please PM me if you can sell me that many. thanks, Kendall
  8. sk8er4514

    Texas Beer Fest - May 7th, 2011

    Check this out for anyone living in or around Houston, TX. My friend set this up all my himself and is running everything. Will be a good time enjoying a lot of local craft brew. Texas Beer Festival -Kendall
  9. sk8er4514

    XJ A130 discontinued

    So, on Newegg and at BestBuy the XJ A130 is sold out and I have discovered the product is being discontinued. The XJ A140 is still available but I have a feeling it will be discontinued soon as well. Probably something to do with the heating problems for those that actually use the projector as...
  10. sk8er4514

    HighTechDealZ International shipping

    Hey everyone, wanted to inform you all that I will not be able to give out free shipping on international orders any more. The post offices in Houston are absolutely horrible with waiting times and my new job is making me have less free time out of the week already. Typically most international...
  11. sk8er4514

    445nm matches the hard way

    6QW58pGfGtg thought I'd share :)
  12. sk8er4514

    Houston Marathon fundraiser for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

    Sup all, One of my buddies, Clif, has been training for the Houston Marathon this December for the past year and they did a lottery system to select runners to be able to participate this year. Unfortunately Clif wasn't chosen in the lottery so the only way he can run in it is to fund raise for...
  13. sk8er4514

    Casio XJ A130 projector parts w/o diodes -sold

    anyone want one or multiple projectors w/o the diode arrays? I have 3. I'll sell them for $20 each shipped. One is in perfect condition ( I learned how to get the diodes quickly ). The other two have the case removed. PM me if interested. -Kendall edit: sold
  14. sk8er4514

    StarCraft 2 battle net id

    Anyone wanting to play add me, ken1645@gmail.com on battle.net I'm a fan of terran but also dominate with protoss ;) -Kendall
  15. sk8er4514

    FS: 445nm XJ A130 Blue Laser Diodes $49.50 Shipped!

    HighTechDealZ - 445nm 1W (1000mW) Blue Brand New Laser Diode use coupon code HTDTENPERCENT to get price of $49.50. Free shipping to everywhere and anywhere on Earth :) Also available pressed into an Aixiz module here: HighTechDealZ - 445nm 1W (1000mW) Blue Brand New Laser Diode in Aixiz Module...
  16. sk8er4514

    The XJ-A130 projector

    Fun times. click for bigger size. -Kendall
  17. sk8er4514


    So I'm curious what are the investments that forum members are in? I have been investing in stocks for the most part and mainly have been buying and selling the stock PAL. My fiance's ring that I bought is made of palladium which is what got me interested in PAL. Just today I sold 2500 shares of...
  18. sk8er4514

    new movies

    Has anyone seen Cyrus? I looked around but its not playing at the movie theater near me. also anyone seen Knight and Day? I've heard mixed reviews. just curious. if anyone knows any other good movies out recently lemme know! -Kendall
  19. sk8er4514

    HighTechDealZ July 4th 15% off sale!

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are enjoying this hot weather everywhere. Should be excellent weather for lighting fireworks this year and to encourage people to use lasers to light these fireworks I'm having a July 4th sale on my site. You can see all the items here: HighTechDealZ - Lasers Here's a...
  20. sk8er4514

    White Laser lighting matches

    meZxvA1AUaA white (ish) ;) -Kendall