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  1. Bacon

    RGB tail caps?

    Fist time I have seen a RGB tail cap. Looks neat. says its about 16mm. Thought I would post it here for lols. Has anyone else seen stuff like this? https://led4power.com/product/ilc-0-illuminated-tailcap-switch-module-default-leds-current-copy/
  2. Bacon

    Tool AAA host. Maybe?

    I gutted my Tool AAA flashlight and was pleased to find that the end is about 12.2mm with a lip at the end to hold a module in, and still alow the lens to poke though. I stuck an x-drive in for a test fit / example since its my only driver not in use right now. Too bad its just slightly too...
  3. Bacon

    Another 495nm cfmod GH04955A2G

    I bought a couple cfmod "pens" and wanted to put in the GH04955A2G that I got from Styro becuase I really liked the way jnrpop's looked. This was my fist time pressing a diode and it went good! :D I picked up the powder coated black 22mm HS and adapter is from Lifetime, and I'm glad I did...
  4. Bacon

    Acebeam X80 - some pics and thermal test

    I got a Acebeam X80 for fun, but it has turned into my goto light now since even the low setting is usually enough. I tested how long it will stay in "ultra" mode (5mins @ 162°F) and gets uncomfortably hot to hold. Not sure why one battery was hotter than the others, but they were a mixed batch...
  5. Bacon

    TI-B *review ( 2016 )

    Review / tutorial on removing press-fit hosts. (multi stage review). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6mbEsilE9s ---- update 2 ----- New update on removing the housing from the focus cap: Removing the press-fit housing.
  6. Bacon

    Cheap t6 still goin 2yrs.. salt water and abused

    So two years ago a member suggested a sipik cheap-o XML T6 flashlight for $12. Sure what the hell... It was de domed, added thicker wire, thermal epoxied to hs, swapped with AMC driver and had 4 extra 7135 chips stacked, (does it boost Amps with 1 battery? IDK, but I did it anyway). :beer: So...
  7. Bacon

    LPF audio people? out with the old

    My pdx broke. So now I'm thinking of selling my old stuff and getting beefier equipment or spend on other hobbies. Right now I got a MRX-F65 110W/160W-RMS 4/3/2 way amplifier. Also a Sundown SA-12 dual 2 ohm subwoofer. I don't quite know if I want to get rid of them, but now that my pdx broke...
  8. Bacon

    Got a new 0.08mW laser today!!

    Yep another red laser (650nm), but this time in a rather cool host. I really wanted a fancy c-mount blaster but I was going for more accuracy.:na: I read how these actually project the "floating" reticle relative to 100yrds so good vision helps to see it. It is really interesting becuase I...
  9. Bacon

    So now there is 1w 520?? Bwaaa!

    So I dusted off my box of lasers; thinking about a new addition, and remembered DTR's laser shop.. KA-POW! a 1W 520 wtf, what a gem. I skimmed the search bar for pics and vids. Not much there. This tax return is whispering laser into my ears now. Must fight it :gun: I'm guessing the projector...
  10. Bacon

    Turn networking equiptment into a toaster

    I have always wanted to tinker with my Cisco 1800 router but its just overkill for a home network, and never got around to installing WiFi (still has all cords and rollover cables). Its got T1 Lan and Wan... Also got a 10/100 24port 3COM switch with 2 GBs ports. And plenty of windows server...
  11. Bacon

    DO you have AT&T? Can you access CNILASER.com

    Ok Basically everyone that I know in my area (that has AT&T) CANNOT access cnilaser.com This also happens with other sites. If you cannot access cnilaser.com than please list you ISP. I get to it no problem with TOR or a proxy. I have even manually changed my DNS to a public one with no dice...
  12. Bacon

    Help me spend $65-70

    I was sleeping comfortably today when suddenly my work asked if felt like earning $70 for 4 hrs of work. I was like... I shall use this unexpected money that I would have not had on some laz0rs!!1! (or other stuff) I have accepted to use doublethink and pretend that an Optotronics 100mW is...
  13. Bacon

    Sipik sk98; XML-U3; 4.2Amps

    After Grainde got me thinking abt a super cheap useful flashlight I decided to pimp my flashlight also. (http://laserpointerforums.com/f42/pics-added-sipik-98-4-amp-flashlight-mod-82310.html) ---Driver--- I started with the AMC driver at 3040mA and bought a extra set of AMC7135 chips bined @...
  14. Bacon

    Does your 445 (OR 300mW+) "hurt" from backsplash with goggles?

    Ok so wearing my wraparounds obviously protect with a big fat OD7+ The gap under the glasses allows the intense blue light in. I am white and all the back-splash light from the room is visible just under my cheek bones. Would you say this is bad for you. It looks amazing, but does feel...
  15. Bacon

    CERTIFIED goggle styles OEM (VOTE)

    This poll will mainly be focused around OEM because of their popularity, and the wide variety of styles they offer should cover what anyone else will be selling. This topic will cover the top five. (as I see it) Please elaborate on how you voted, and post any opinions you have have, including...
  16. Bacon

    Anyone heard of directindustry?

    Some how I cam across Optical Components - All industrial manufacturers in this category (In no way am I affiliated with them or promote them) and I searched the name "directindustry" with no results. I'm assuming they are for large vendors or large business, and that we muggles/regular people...
  17. Bacon

    Any cheap caps to increase attenuation factor of 445nm?

    I will be soon buying a ~1.5W 445nm, most likely with tree sets of 5OD rated goggles... But Just for funzies I wondered where you can buy these "training wheels" to increase the attenuation factor without me disassembling and adding more circuitry to add power mode switches. I guess since every...
  18. Bacon

    What can you do will optics form a DVD burner?

    I think it was a old junker computer, and I have access to LOTS of dead computers with DVD/CD burners and so I took one apart before it hit the dumpster... Anayways I got all of these optics and such, and was wondering how to make a scanner or attaching one of the glass pieces to a small motor...
  19. Bacon

    Lazerer; LZSK or CYBER? (1W)

    LZSK LZSK - Stick 445nm 1W Focusable Blue Laser Pointer CYBER Cyber 445nm - 1W Focusable Blue Laser Pointer --------IMPORTANT QUESTION-------------- My laser will be 445nm and the rated goggles are green(445nm) and red(445nm) is green or red tinted better for a blue? //edit I know they both...
  20. Bacon

    Is LASER POINTERPRO legit or scam

    Never heard of this place, yet they sell 200mW green lasers for $50 and free shipping... Is this too good to be true? Green Laser, Green Laser Pointer, High Power Green Laser for Sale