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  1. bluuray

    MW3 or Battlefield 3

    i will be buying BOTH...
  2. bluuray

    Micro FlexDrive jumpers

    ^^^^^ he has a good test load , for a really good price.. and it could be used for other wavelenghts too
  3. bluuray

    Micro FlexDrive jumpers

    i dont know if you can use 4001 diodes to measure current over 1A and that battery cant handle that much current.. oO
  4. bluuray

    12 Month xbox live for sale!

    LOL... its for online playing.. you need it to play online on xbox..
  5. bluuray

    Freak LOC?

    the diode is.. to isolate it
  6. bluuray

    8 diode 445 build

    It's a MODULE.. with the casing and all on it.. and then that will go into a projector, with some other colors.
  7. bluuray

    8 diode 445 build

    oh .... o.O the laser diodes are "behind" the lenses and "puts out" the beam there is no scanner... wth is a laser cabinet
  8. bluuray

    8 diode 445 build

    he has done it allot of times already.. soo its simple for him now.
  9. bluuray

    8 diode 445 build

  10. bluuray

    Mohrenberg's Laser Emporium

    THE G4-MCU can take 2 cr123a too right? =D
  11. bluuray

    FS: Jibs Linear Drivers

    Re: FS: Jibs Linear Drivers - 500mA, 1.3-1.6A, 1.8A did you test it? (@jib)
  12. bluuray

    Contest (feeler): 2-months, to design a NEW community boost driver!

    most of the hosts used here can only fit a 17mm round PCB. you can also go rectangle.. not too wide but a little longer could work
  13. bluuray

    Attention Laser Designers!

    you will need lots of cooling at 2W so you will probably only find BIG hosts..
  14. bluuray

    First 660nm in progress

    hes using the rkcstr driver..
  15. bluuray

    Contest (feeler): 2-months, to design a NEW community boost driver!

    the IC can boost up to 14v. so it could work for both 445nm and 405nm
  16. bluuray

    I'm getting a free laser of DinoDirect

    you've missed allot..
  17. bluuray

    Triple HID flashlight build (In progress)

    Re: Some kind of wierd flashlight build (In progress) O.O shiiizz reminds me of this thing YouTube - ‪500 LED Extreme flashlight‬‏
  18. bluuray

    searching for a beam

  19. bluuray

    Contest (feeler): 2-months, to design a NEW community boost driver!

    the flex wont work with 12x's ( that i know of) only a microboost will work.