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  1. charleytown55il

    annular solar eclipse

    It looks like there will be an annular solar eclipse happening right before sunset on May 19th. I don't think I will be able to see much of anything, but its still cool. Here's a wiki link. Solar eclipse of May 20, 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. charleytown55il

    dell 1535 display issue

    My friends dell 1535 laptop's screen had a crack in it so i ordered a screen for it off of ebay for him. today I started installing it for him and realized the back light connector was different. after some research, i realized that there was a ccfl backlight, which is what the cracked screen...
  3. charleytown55il

    climbing 1,768 foot Transmission Tower

    I saw this on youtube and was holding on to my chair for dear life while i was watching it. o7fL1CJui1M
  4. charleytown55il

    my national anthem cover

    my national anthem guitar cover [.yt]l0EjEcKH6fk[./yt]this is my try at Boston's National Anthem cover. i know there are a few errors, but hey, it was a one take try. also, i have only played for one year and am completly self-taught. YouTube - Boston's national anthem cover HD LvIR9H9RTtI&
  5. charleytown55il

    my guitar amp

    the zip file has pictures of my homemade half stack and a modded Eppiphone Valve Junior. it has celestion 12 inch G12T-75 speakers.
  6. charleytown55il

    happy 4-20

    its 4-20, whats everyone doing on this holiday?
  7. charleytown55il

    The Mythbusters did it again. . .

    http://www.kcra.com/cnn-news/19016582/detail.html they were even nice enough to replace the windows they broke.
  8. charleytown55il

    Who hates Dihydrogen monoxide?

    Dihydrogen monoxide it bad. just watch this. . .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkcxSWErLvA&NR=1   <End of Tongue-in-cheek >
  9. charleytown55il

    Ever been shocked or electrocuted?

    and how it happened. i have been shocked by 120 volts many times, a camera circuit( my arm went numb), and now my ignition coil driver.
  10. charleytown55il

    anyone tried kratom?

    i got some off of ebay and the effects are quiet interesting. check it out. i boiled 20 grams in to a tea and reduced it. it tasts like bitter shit, but goes good with grape juice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kratom
  11. charleytown55il

    the "What If???" thread

    what if we encounter ailens? :-?
  12. charleytown55il

    vacuum tube or transistor???

    questions is refering mostly to guitar amps, but anything goes...
  13. charleytown55il

    Arc Flash Demonstration

    hope that this never happens at work. . . 8-)
  14. charleytown55il

    generate electricty with Peltier

    i know its possible; i just dont know how well it will work. i am thinking about buying one to try it.
  15. charleytown55il

    Spam????? what do you do??????

    what to do with spam?
  16. charleytown55il

    i HATE computers!

    today, i bought an "Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista". i installed the software and tried it out. it didn't work. after hunting around on their web site, i found out that it wont work with windows vista 64 bit, which is what my laptop has. walmart won't take it back, so i am stuck with a 40...
  17. charleytown55il

    Re: Laser Accident in Russia!

    Re: Laser Accident in Russia! must have been one hell of a laser
  18. charleytown55il

    fluke dmm

    within a few weeks, i will have a Fluke 87V dmm. i get one heck of a discount through Lake Land College. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
  19. charleytown55il

    will a diode cooled with  liquid nitrogen wor

     what would it do wavelength-wise if it did work? would the diode even work? i would try it if i had liquid nitrogenn :'( :'( :'(
  20. charleytown55il

    how to find IP address

    how do you find out the IP address of a website? :-? :-? :-?