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  1. Addonex

    Introducing 405nm.com - New Products Added 4/9

    Kits | Glow in the Dark | Fluorescence | Lasers & LEDs | Glow Paint Greetings everyone, After the success of the Glow Kit which I've been selling in the BST board, I'm here to introduce a new site to you that I've built from the ground up to make obscure and unusual materials readily...
  2. Addonex

    Looking for someone with a spectrometer!

    I'm looking for someone that has a spectrometer and could measure a non-laser item for me, please send me a PM for details.
  3. Addonex

    Fluorescent Dye + Black Light

    I was just toying around earlier while taking pictures of fluorescent dye and I got these really nice patterns when the water was just barely stirred up before adding a few drops, I thought I would share them here :D oZFF5QTAWIQ&hd=1
  4. Addonex

    MicroSpiro, powered by Arduino

    I built this earlier and have decided to name it "MicroSpiro". It's constructed almost entirely out of scrap materials so it's not the best looking but it is exceptionally small, the working components fit onto a space about 2cm x 4cm. The majority of the spare cardboard is just to help me align...
  5. Addonex

    Selling: iShow 2.3 USB DAC - like new

    I'm selling an iShow 2.3 USB DAC in like new condition with the original USB and ILDA cables/box and a copy of the iShow software on a CD. It's only lightly used and no damage or anything like that. I don't have a good camera handy at the moment but it looks as depicted in this stock image...
  6. Addonex

    Lasers + Magnets =

    As the result of much boredom, I decided to see if I could make a laser float in the air for some reason. :thinking: It's attached to a large neodymium magnet and suspended by a hall effect sensor controlled electromagnet (above) PS. now accepting donations for a better camera lol
  7. Addonex

    Got a call from my brother last night..

    Apparently he spotted a helicopter flying by late last night and said there was an extremely bright green laser shooting up at it from somewhere on the ground and hitting it. :wtf: I would not be surprised if someone was arrested, and I hope it wasn't anyone from LPF as I think most of us know...
  8. Addonex

    Blu-ray / 405nm UV Fluorescence & Glow Kit [NEW AND IMPROVED]

    UPDATE I'm now offering glow in the dark paints on my site as well, aside from the kit. Each set works with any 405nm laser pointer as well as with black lights or even sunlight, and comes with the following: 1 Gram UV Color Changing Powder 5 Grams Green Europium Glow Powder 5 Grams Blue...
  9. Addonex

    Feeler/selling: Sodium and Potassium Metal

    I saw a few posts in the elements group buy of people looking for sodium metal and potassium metal, I've got a small quantity on hand and would sell it if someone is interested. I'm not really looking to acquire more and resell additional amounts because the hazmat shipping fees are very...
  10. Addonex

    Sputnik77, Internet Super Hero

    Sputnik77 gave me a great deal on an item, went out of his way to accept a payment method he doesn't normally take, and shipped very fast. Very helpful messages and even included a gift in the package. I would recommend him to anyone considering a purchase. :thanks:
  11. Addonex

    Why don't we make laser pointers backwards?

    I was just thinking about frequent problems that I've seen in laser pointers like the "wings" from diodes or splash, I'm no expert on optics but wouldn't it be beneficial to build a laser the other way around? By using the entire body length of the pointer for optics with a narrow aperture at...
  12. Addonex

    - closed -

    - closed -
  13. Addonex

    Latest kipkay video..

    Seems he made some improvements by actually promoting safety glasses for once, even if it is for a pot mod video :banghead: YouTube - Make a Laser Pointer Burn!
  14. Addonex

    Laser Safety glasses may help you sleep better

    Just read this on Wikipedia and thought I would share: source: Melatonin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This might be worth trying out some time, wear safety goggles that block blue wavelengths at night before bed and see if you sleep better :p
  15. Addonex

    0.99$ bluetooth headset - Newegg Black Friday

    99 cents after rebate with free shipping: Newegg.com - LG HBM-235 Bluetooth 3.0 Headset w/ 13hrs Of Talk Time & Multi-Point Connectivity And their other Black Friday deals here: Newegg.com - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! :wave:
  16. Addonex

    Almost a laser, and it can light a match too.

    I thought this was pretty cool, and demonstrates the concept of a focal point pretty brilliantly. Jem melts rock using sunshine. [VIDEO] "but can it pop balloons?" :crackup:
  17. Addonex

    Wicked Lasers now shipping extraterestrially

    Looks like some kid from another solar system picked up an arctic in the 445 craze recently.. Full story here: Habitable Planet Has A Laser Like Signal Coming From Near It! | Before It's News :lasergun:
  18. Addonex

    o-like battery/charger questions

    I've got some questions about a recently acquired o-like CR2 batter/charger, any help is appreciated: 1) The lights on the charger are confusing, I tried to find the reviews on dealextreme for what looked to be the same charger and half of them said red meant charging and green meant full. The...
  19. Addonex

    405nm etch-a-sketch

    I've discovered something interesting using a pair of photochromic lens glasses (often branded as transition or photolite glasses), when shining a 405nm beam at them they darken in response to the UV light and you can draw on them as if the beam is a pen. I tried this only with a very low power...
  20. Addonex

    sk8er4514 / HighTechDealZ

    Sk8er4514 gave me a very reasonable price on some empty sleds, he was very friendly/professional and they got here very fast and in top condition. I would recommend him to anyone considering a purchase from him or his website. I wish all my online transactions were as care free and simple...