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    Trouble fitting 803T into AixiZ module

    I totally agree with SenKat - I've "viced" in many-a-diode without a problem. Getting them out is very difficult, though!! -colin
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    Is there any reason this won't work?

    What current are you trying to drive the LD with? The problem I see is that the variable resistor has to take the full current of the LD (since the current into the JFET gate is zero), so it's going to have to be a low value, like 10's of ohms. At that point you may as well not even use the...
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    How many of your class IIIB/IV lasers have keyswit

    Re: How many of your class IIIB/IV lasers have key More than a keyswitch, who has the required 2 second delay with audible or visible indicator that the laser is activated??? Yeah, I didn't think so. Since I planned to use my blu-ray pointer (~10mW) for presentations, there was NO WAY in...
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    TINY Blu-Ray switching power supply on eBay now

    Re: TINY Blu-Ray switching power supply on eBay no Yeah, these are actually MORE efficient at 100mA-200mA!! We'd have to chance the dropping resistor and try it out, hoping that the I-V characteristic of the 803T doesn't change too much as it warms up, but I'd love to try it. PM me if you'd...
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    Tiny Blu-Ray power supplies working well!

    Yes, those are through-plated holes. As for voltage vs. current regulation, yes, my design is voltage regulated. I tried hard to implement a current regulator (TI TPS75105), but it was so small it was right at the limit of what ExpressPCB.com could do, and I couldn't get it soldered on right...
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    TINY Blu-Ray switching power supply on eBay now

    Hi all,   I just wanted to point out that I've got a tiny (0.52"L x0.36"W x0.19"T) Blu-Ray switching power supply on eBay now (see photo).  It accepts a WIDE range of input voltages from 0.4v up to 5.5v!  This means your laser won't quit until the batteries are REALLY dead!  It is regulated and...
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    Tiny Blu-Ray power supplies working well!

    Yes, they would drive 100mA, but we'd have to adjust the dropping resistor (no problemo). Actually, this circuit is MORE efficient at 100mA output!! -c
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    Tiny Blu-Ray power supplies working well!

    Hi folks, you might remember some of my posts from a while ago about making a tiny switching power supply to drive the violet LD of the Playstation KES-400A/AA/AAA Blu-Ray diodes.  Well they are finally working well!! (see pix below) Then run great even from a single AAA battery, though I still...
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    "Best" Blu-Ray diode driver?

    I've got a few TINY blu-ray drivers in the works... see http://web.mit.edu/cjoye/www/lasers/BluRay1/.  Email me at colin.joye@alum.villanova.edu for details/pricing.  I have plenty of blank PCBs, just one populated and ready to ship. -colin
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    On the web: Tiny PCB for violet/red LDs with touch

    Re: On the web: Tiny PCB for violet/red LDs with t Not sure why the URL didn't come up clickable... http://web.mit.edu/cjoye/www/lasers/BluRay1/
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    On the web: Tiny PCB for violet/red LDs with touch

    Hi all!   I finally got part of the documentation online for my Blu-Ray laser pointer project.  Visit http://web.mit.edu/cjoye/www/lasers/BluRay1/[url] to watch the progress, get schematics, or see some ideas! The pointer is all home-done, from schematic to circuit board to 3D modeling to...
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    *** BluRays for $25... ***

    Hi Daedal,    I'd love to get in on the next GB for Blu-rays... I popped one due to a bad power supply (shot a transient through it), and another one got weak suddenly after running at 25mW for a while (could have also been static since my soldered ground wire snapped while I was playing with...
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    Would anyone here...

    I'm working on a 0.35" x0.47" one-cell inverter fo By the end of next week, I should have tested a tiny 0.35" x0.47" one-cell inverter for bluray (can power both violet or red).  It will easily fit in an Aixiz housing, and possibly two will.  It also features a touch control that makes use of...
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    Another Blu-Ray power, I-V measurement set

    Hi all,  I just did this characterization on my Nichia Blu-Ray diode from a KES-400A that I got from Daedal.  The power measurement was done with a Scientech laser calorimeter that I confirmed by calibration procedure.  Wow, this violet LD puts out up to 30mW!  I was scared to push it to 50mA...
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    How are >5mW lasers sold legally?

    Okay, but where is this law, or where do I find out about accession numbers?  It's not in the CFR docs.   No, I'm not interested in starting a full-blown buisness, but I didn't want to be branded an under-the-table 'illegal' dealer (hence I'm reading the CFR docs!  It's not becaue I'm bored!!)...
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    How are >5mW lasers sold legally?

    Hi all, I just read through the FDA laws (21CFR1040.10) on legal laser limits, which you can read for yourself here: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfCFR/CFRSearch.cfm?FR=1040.10 .  Basically, lasers under 5mW, such as the common Class-IIIa only require a label in the visible...
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    how do I use a 532nm 5mW laser module ?

    Hello,  I don't know what specs your laser diode runs at, so this is a simple lecture in using Ohm's law (V=IR).  If you put a current 'I' through a resistor 'R' you will measure a voltage 'V' across that resistor.   For series circuits, the current is the same for all components in any circuit...
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    Most power laser avalible to consumers?

    Here's a REAL laser: http://www.llnl.gov/nif/project/nif_works.html, the National Ignition Facility will give 500Tw, 1.8MJ (not mJ!) pulses!!
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    Most power laser avalible to consumers?

    Wow! But the 2Tw is peak. Because the pulse width is only 80 femto seconds (10^-15 sec!) with a 10 Hz rep rate, the average power is only (2x10^12w)*(80*10^-15sec)*(10 sec^-1)=1.6 watts. Not even enough to cut metal.