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  1. TinLethax

    Sharp SB147EF91 505nm laser diode.

    Hello everyone. I just got my 2nd laser diode from bu-laser company. this is the 505nm laser diode. I tested and it has the neutral case. So I can confirm that laser is GH05035A2G. I compare the host of the fat beam laser with my 505nm inside. I actually use the host and driver of 405nm fat...
  2. TinLethax

    Sharp 515nm laser in T-DRAGON host.

    Hello everyone. I had built my first ever laser pointer with the flashlight host. The laser I did use is GH05130B2G. I got this laser from Chinese Laser Company for just $6. and these pictures below are built yesterday before I go to the bed. This is what it looks like ! I tested the...
  3. TinLethax

    Laser company in Dongguan,China

    UPDATE 2019/4/03 : The laser arrived. Tested. It's neutral case 505nm laser ! UPDATE 2019/3/16 : They sent me the tracking number but wrong one .... Hello everyone.This is my first every thread about company review in style of 16 years old kid.14 days ago I ordered the something that should be...
  4. TinLethax

    Sharp Mystery SB338BQ91 diode [Cleared]

    UPDATE 2019/3/15 : I take a look at the diode can again and compare to my previous thread about the 515nm laser.It's the same ! It's GH05130B2G !!! Not the GH05035A2G. Hello everyone.Yesterday I got my new replacement diode from Chinese company dongguan blueuniverse laser co. ltd . I ordered...
  5. TinLethax

    Laserland green 510nm laser review.

    NOTE 25/2/2019 : I use 3.7v lithium ion battety with 1.5v alkaline battery.Result is the laser be able to light up the match by focus the beam with 3 element glass lens. Hello everyone.Today my laser arrived and I want to make this review.I got this from Laserland Chinese seller.The laser listed...
  6. TinLethax

    SHARP 515nm laser diode GH05130B2G

    Yesterday I just order the Sharp Green 515nm laser from the LaserLands Store(not the 505nm,Please dont confused.)The model number is "GH05130B2G" amd In datasheet not mention about the tranverse mode... And I found the datasheet on the internet ,Then I mirrored to my onedrive link for further...
  7. TinLethax

    PLT5 520 30mW max pushed output with G2.

    Hello .Did someone had every fired up this laser and measure the max pushed output ?.I'm considering to order this laser and push to ~80mW (Also,Did this possible to get around ~80mW by G2 lens ?)
  8. TinLethax

    Did anyone had every buy this laser ?

    Hello .I have some question about this $0NY diode .I just ordered about 3 days ago .They claim the diode have Continuous Wave output is 100mW ,405nm .Did anyone know the model number of this thing?.I think its SLD3234 . Here is the link from eBay...
  9. TinLethax

    Suutable driver for LPC-840

    Hello .Im new here and have question about the suitable driver for LPC-840 diode. I saw on Alaskan replied on the thread https://laserpointerforums.com/f50/mitsubishi-lpc-826-a-99171.html He told that LPC-840 "Working Current: <320-355mA And Working Voltage:2.4-3.1V" Any suggestions for the...
  10. TinLethax

    Hello from Thailand

    Hello .My name Austin (15 yo )from Thailand . Im interesting in the laser things like the diode itself or the pointer .I came here for finding some knowlegde about the laser and finding for some good advices for my own laser build .I hope everyone can help me &#55357;&#56832;. Oh Im also...