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  1. J

    Divergence question

    Hey fellas, so it turns out i have a few LPC-840's to experiment with, i thought i was going to be working with the 836's but nonetheless, i bought a 660nm heat sink module + host from ebay for it, i think it came with a m9x0.5mm plastic lens. Iv attached a picture below, my question is should...
  2. J

    Help with DIY laser driver

    Hey fellas, so iv constructed one of those DIY laser drivers that is up on this website somewhere and im not getting any current reading over the dummy load, im only using this DIY laser driver as im waiting for the one iv bought to be shipped here. is this because this driver acts differently...
  3. J

    Hey rookie here

    Hey guys my names jim, im currently studying software and electronic engineering in australia, i am currently doing a project on laser optics and love how the community is here. I hope you guys can help me out for i would love to do bigger and better projects after this is done :D cheers
  4. J

    Help if possible on laser project

    Hey guys, im currently doing a project in laser optics and the first part requires me to construct a device which produces a combined output of 2 laser diodes (attached below). The main part i need help on is the electronics part of the project (which is still in the design stage). The device...