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  1. divindavid

    Survival Laser 445nm Kit Problem... (SOLVED)

    Hello all, about 2 weeks ago I bit the bullet on finally building a 445nm laser. I bought the Survival Laser 445nm DIY Kit along with a 445nm diode. Once it all arrived I began to all assemble it, but upon inspection the two wires coming from the pill were extremely frail, they almost seemed dry...
  2. divindavid

    My first build!

    Well there are hundreds of threads like these. But I think it wouldn't hurt to have one more! After a few years of having a laser project in the back of my mind I finally got some time and built one. I'm using the standard LM317 driver. But sadly I'm powering it by 5 AA batteries. So it's a...
  3. divindavid

    5V regulator question

    do these regulators really get this hot. i made a usb charger and the regulator is getting really hot for only being on for about 30 minutes
  4. divindavid

    homemade green laser

    ok so i saw this like not to long ago about a home made greenie. i thought it was to good to be true http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=5633 it does not look to hard to tell u the truth. what do u guys think have any of i guys made one. if so it there a easy tut on it.
  5. divindavid

    NEW place to buy different kinds of laser diodes

    ok i found this great site called http://www.alltronics.com if you go into the laser section they have tons of LDs some with out puts of 5mw and 30mw and such and such has anyone bought from them are their LDs good
  6. divindavid

    DX 100mw 5v laser problems

    ok so i got my DX 100mw 5v laser today. i hooked it up to a 4AA holder with rechargeable batterys So i gave the pot a little twist. and it is like a crappy nothing all it is is a dot on my wall and it is really dim do you thing i should go up to a 9V battery i think that recharbles are 1.2...
  7. divindavid

    HELP with DX green laser pot mod

    i know everyone here is not that fond of the DX green laser mods i have a 5mw green laser and i want to up it but to maby like 35 or like 50 or higher i got it all open fine but it took awile but i got it open so i got in there and i moved the pot clockwise and got it all back together but i...
  8. divindavid

    5mw new wish help

    hello i got a new wish 5mw green laser the other from DX and when i point it at a wall of anything with in about 15 feet the dot on the wall has like a green X were the green dot is i dont know what to do also could i have some tips from opening it up for a pot mod it seems imposable to...
  9. divindavid

    looking to buy a crappy laser to mod

    hey could any of you point me to a laser green or red that i can simply mod very easily please no ebay D.
  10. divindavid

    help with wiring

    hello i know that i am going to get all of my laser parts for xmas What i have (or getting) -16x sony DVD diode -laser diode driver kit (from stonetek .com)( 2"x2" PCB board, LM317, 2 10 Ohm Resistors, 1N4000 series Silicon Diode, 47uf 16v Capacitor, (2) sets of 6" lengths of two color wire...