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    Do I need to keep up with this thread to find out about the next meet? I'd love to be at the next one! I live in Houston, and willing to travel to DFW :)
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    Laser light & beautiful fractals

    That's awesome. I saw this and it blows my mind how complex our universe really is. I wonder what kind of knowledge and technologies will be based on this very discovery, in the future.
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    I got a laser in my eyes 9 years ago

    Anything above 5mW can potentially damage your eyes, regardless of it being a "pocket" laser or not. Even 5mW could potentially cause damage: It's just that you might have a better chance to blink or look away before significant damage is done. Only your doctor can tell you if you have caused...
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Thanks for the tip! I hadn't thought of this. I'll probably need to prioritize one of the TEC type at first since I have more of the "high power" units than the low-powered lasers such as this. It would be nice to see how much this little 589 nm actually outputs.
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    My 589nm Aurora

    I havent reached out to DL yet, but I think I will. For the price, I expected a bit better quality. The optotronics is absolutely perfect. Sure, the host is the typical plastic one that is commonly used in cheap green lasers, but the beam quality and reliability is amazing. I’m very impressed...
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    Blue Hulk 10w+ handle

    That thing is BRUTAL
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Haha maybe my expectations are too high? I just expected a 5mW 589 dpss to have exceptional beam quality like the 532nm. Maybe I should just feel lucky that I have a yellow pointer that actually works lol
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    My 589nm Aurora

    Hey man, I just got my Aurora from Dragon Lasers and while it looks awesome, I’m getting a “halo” of artifacts around the dot. Significantly more than my 532nm 5mW (optotronics). Does yours have this too? It was a little difficult to capture it with my iPhone . Notice in the photos how the...
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    Clueless, violet gift for my father.

    Lol you cannot get lasers like the Sanwu at the dollar store at all, not even close. They are very well crafted stainless steel pieces. But if you want something bigger and with a more fancy host than the Pocket series, Sanwu also has those (did you look at their site?). You had mentioned you...
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    Clueless, violet gift for my father.

    Like Curtis said, check out Sanwu "Pocket" series. They are beautifully crafted, reasonably priced, and from a reputable company. Don't fall for the online advertisers claims of high power lasers for $20 bucks. Most of those ads are from scam websites that sell you crap. Make sure to check out...
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    Beginner's Guide: Buying and Operating Your First Argon Ion Laser

    Thank you for taking the time to write this! I'm surprised i'm the only person that has commented on your post.
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    Aixiz, are they even areal company?

    well I ordered it on 7/6, and to this day no updates or response other than a confirmation that they took my money. Mom or Pop business or not, this is absolutely terrible by any standards.
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    Homemade deathray

    Its not that you're wrong... is that your criticism and that of some others is more to put him down than to help him. Why not offer more constructive advise and not discourage a young mind from tinkering? Lets not pretend there is anything "mature" and "responsible" about anyone building/owning...
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    Homemade deathray

    You know, there are more constructive ways to give feedback. Instead of putting him down for it, you should praise his curiosity and drive to put these things together at such a young age, and provide instead safety tips with a bit of respect. Cheers!
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    Pics 14/6 - 505nm + 525nm + 450nm

    wow I love those glowing rings on that host!
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    Broken 532nm <500mw laser. "Diode works" but there is a presumed issue with the circuit board. First time on the forum in 4 years.

    It might be easier to have someone in the forum replace the entire module and driver, and have them check that the battery connections are good, but at this point it would be almost a complete rebuild. It's impossible to tell what is wrong with it by your description, as someone would have to...
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    Aixiz, are they even areal company?

    I know this post is almost a year old, but I wanted to tell you that I'm experiencing the same thing. 3 week later still no response from my inquiry about status. It's probably the last time i'll order from them.
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    Sanity Check on Proposed Low-Power Cyan Diode Laser Build

    yesss this is what I've been looking for!
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    FS: Laser Stuff and a couple non-laser items!

    I'll take one of the #3 red, please!