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  1. Kmor2004

    Why it's better to use glavos instead of RC servos for a projector

    The idea has been floating around my head for a while, about using RC servos, since they are a little easier to DIY control vs galvos not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper. I knew I had some micro RC servos lieing around, and thought I'd give it a whirl..... The end result, you can't really...
  2. Kmor2004

    Optics questions mosty PBS, and Dichros

    Like most you I imagine, I've had an interest in making a RGB or RGV laser, I realize the simple solution to RGB is either a projector or White fusion, but I would like to see about making one smaller say within a 3" DIA heatsink. As for the actual questions, I realize that with Dichros they...
  3. Kmor2004

    Better bang per buck optics?

    What is the better Bang per buck sled or device for getting visible wavelength optics in the 10mm-30mm size range, such as PBS cubes, dichro's, FS mirrors, Beam combiners? Sure I could get some of those parts new but in most cases that option would be rather expensive seeing as PBS cubes that...
  4. Kmor2004

    Attachments and PM's

    Pretty siple question and suggestion, is there a way to PM .zip attachments, and if not could the option be added?
  5. Kmor2004

    [REVIEW] Lazerer.Com's 50mW LZCB(B) 532nm + 100mW 532nm module

    Preface: Before ordering these lasers I was in contact with Max, regarding the possibility of getting a 50mW-100mW 532nm module only for one of to project idea I had namely being RGB lasers of sorts, and they came through with letting me purchase the module, plus I bought a 50mW Black Cyber...
  6. Kmor2004

    Just got my Lazerer Greens but my 50mW has a spiffy output

    As the titel indicates I just received my LAzerer 50mW Cyber Black and "100mW" module, I decided to try and LPM both but shortly after powering up the Cyber I noticed it was a Dual dot: Can you see it in the picture? Do you also see the spiffy output I'm talking about? ..... The "Blinds"...
  7. Kmor2004

    PLTB AKA Portable Laser Test Bench (Work In Progress) LOTS-O-PICS

    After getting a few lasers, and a lot of thought I felt it was darn near time I got around to getting some of the more important devices to building lasers as a hobby, so I started a mental check list: Test load? ...... Nope dang LPM? ...... Nope Sh!t Know adjustable driver from 1mA to 2A...
  8. Kmor2004

    Requesting LPM assistance

    Now that I have a few lasers hopefuly spanning most of the important ranges >900mW, 100-900mW, and ,100mW, I'd actualy like to get them LPM'ed so I know with more certainty then by claims, plus I'm working on a LPM so that I have one handy, but to actualy get good accurate readings I need to...
  9. Kmor2004

    LF39M MC..ERR umm *cough* LF 405nm Diode

    I''ve purused the Pro shop/ this thread/ and most of the stores but not finding sa decent price for a 405 with a little more bite then a 805t if anyone has a suggestion or is selling some I'd be obliged. Edited for clarification: Looking for Diode, diode in aixiz module, or Diode + aixiz module...
  10. Kmor2004

    Ooooh shinny 2x 10440 host (pic heavy)

    In the "What host do you think looks snazzy?" thread (I re-arranged the title name most know the one I'm talking about) I had suggested the Icon Solo flash light Icon Solo Pen Light 2-AAA Gray, and some folks questioned it possibly since there was only the one pic and not much info on the host...
  11. Kmor2004

    Salvaging the parts from a "5mW"

    I killed the pump diode on a little green point module I had after I butchered the driver for a different laser since I already had a 5mw green, but now that I've fially gotten the pump diode and the rest of the stuff out of the housing, I was wondering if it is possible to replace the pump...
  12. Kmor2004

    Batteries Where for art thou batteries!?

    I recently received the host I bought from RJneal and realized it takes a AA sized battery at first I was gonna use the host for a PHR build but then I thought it would be better to use my 815 since it can run off a single li-ion, however now instead of have my 445 and teh 660 I jsut have teh...
  13. Kmor2004

    Who Says you need 1W+ or a flame for fireworks

    SO with it getting closer and closer to the 4th of July, and my initial post being " what are my options for a burning laser that can light fireworks, well now I have 2 lasers a red and a blue...Now I just need a focused 100W incandescent lightbulb and I'll have a patriotic firework light show...
  14. Kmor2004

    Cummalitve Positive feedback

    I've been getting into this Hobby and have gotten a few things but yet to leave feedback, so here we go. First off Props to stonetek in utah, bought a "Blue M" host kit which included an offer for a 405 or 660nm diode option, and I choose the 660, but also bought a 405 for another laser later...
  15. Kmor2004

    Potential list of Laser wavelengths for ablation of materials (burning)

    Wanting to make a CNC Laser, I needed to know what the ablation wavelength of Copper (Cu) is, now sure I asked and was pointed towards a CO2 laser which has a wavelength of 10.5um granted just about EVERYTHING absorbs that, but until I actually got one and in the price/size/power range I wanted...
  16. Kmor2004

    Smallest CO2 you've seen?

    I was wondering what the lowest power or smallest CO2 laser anyone has seen in person running, or seen online, also if you can remember how many watts it produced. I'm just askign because I'm realy interested in trying to make a homemade CNC laser machine possibly using galvo-scanners and I'm...
  17. Kmor2004

    Howdy ho Forum members

    New guy Here, actually posted in general forum about a few ideas / projects I was thinking of before I posted here. Hope posting in the general section with my questions, and replying to Qfox and posting this within a few hours of each other is considered trolling or breaking the multi-post rules.
  18. Kmor2004

    New member seeking advice for 2 different laser projects

    Hello folks, new to the LPF and lasers >"5"mW. As the title says I am looking to use 2 different lasers for 2 different purposes but I'm unable to find some info and I'd also Like to discuss some technical information to see if one of the projects is even feasible with a hobby level budget...