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    Don't buy this laser from RayFoss

    Hi everyone I'd like to spend a quick review about the 808nm 1W for 98$ from Rayfoss. I clicked the purchased button on the 30december 2012 and rapidly received the payapl invoice and proceed to pay. The shipping it took about 14 days as usual. When I open the box I quickly noticed that the...
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    Tactical 1.2w 445nm o-like

    Hello guys, I`m going to spend a "quick" review about the new tactical 1.2W laser from O-like. Specs: Wavelength:445nm output power :>1.1W powered by 1pcs 18650 lithium batteries (included) size:(Φ24mm+Φ43mm)×135mm I`ll start saying that I don`t have a Lpm(NOT YET) so I can`t prove the real...