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    Bronx Guy Lasering Airport Flights...crap

    NYPD: Bronx man pointed laser at aircraft near LaGuardia Airport - Worldnews.com NYPD: Bronx man pointed laser at aircraft near LaGuardia Airport - Newsday Frank Egan, arrested 3/9 I hope he wasn't one of us. :banghead: Freakin idiots.
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    Polariton Laser (Well, r = P?)

    These use ~ 1/250 of the power of the most efficient current lasers, use electrical current INSTEAD OF LIGHT, but work at room temperature too. Polariton lasers don't stimulate radiation emission. They stimulate scattering of polaritons. A new way to make laser-like beams using 250x less...
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    Soft Air 6mm BB's - Green - REALLY Light up

    I hit a soft air BB (translucent green 6 mm) with burst of 445 n 3 watt and it looked like it exploded in a blast of light...but ONLY light, the BB was undamaged. I didn't know it was going to DO that, so I didn't get a pic, but I'll try to shoot it again later on if I can get a camera on it...
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    Teej here saying Hi!

    I discovered this place existed a few hours ago....and, decided to join the party. I deal with lights of various wavelengths for work, but only used laser pointers when teaching classes or pointing things out in the field, etc. I didn't know that there was another world just a few watts away...