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  1. paul1598419

    Explorations at the extremes

    Yeah, was never a Kurt Vonnegut fan. Wasn't into fiction that much.
  2. paul1598419

    Explorations at the extremes

    Interesting article, but still theory at this point. Will have to wait to see if it pans out.
  3. paul1598419

    Hyperion LPM + Vritonuzz Data Logger Platform

    Wow! Long time no hear from. Glad you are okay, Pradipta. Stay in contact.
  4. paul1598419

    Cheap diode drivers.

    Unless you measure the output of the driver you can't know what it is set to do. But, it will likely not do more than 800 mA. For the MIts, ML501P73 that should be fine as they have been driven over 1000 mA without problems.
  5. paul1598419

    Need Help Finding a Laser Driver

    If you are planning on using the Micro Flex Driver, it has four settings for current ranges depending on how you solder the resistors in the setting bridge. You can get anywhere from 100 mA up to 1500 mA, but you are limited to a Vf of 5.5 volts, or there about. Since these drivers are constant...
  6. paul1598419

    Intro post

    Welcome to the LPF. You should enjoy your new Jetlasers pointer. I hope you have purchased appropriate goggles as 1.4 watts is a lot of power. Survival Lasers sells Eagle brand goggles which are quite good and also inexpensive.
  7. paul1598419

    Cheap diode drivers.

    If you are planning on setting the driver for 800 milliamperes that will give you a forward voltage of ~2.2 volts. Seems good enough for most red diodes.
  8. paul1598419

    Safety of small China manufactured stage lights

    These cheap projectors often use only red and green lasers and run them through a pair of rotating diffraction gratings. Often the red laser is the most powerful as it has the least visibility when compared to the green laser. After they are diffracted, they are less powerful as the beams are...
  9. paul1598419


    Looks like the clearance on that bridge was posted at 10 feet 5 inches. Too bad the driver wasn't paying attention.
  10. paul1598419

    Intro post

    Those "military lasers" that are claimed to be seen at some arbitrary distance are just crap and not code for anything, but you are foolish if you believe them. All the 301 and 303 style lasers on eBay are mass produced and can end up producing anywhere from 50 mW to 80 mW. It is totally the...
  11. paul1598419

    Proper way to use a LPM to do a Power Test

    I was wondering why the Sirus lasers were continuing to increase in power the longer they were on. A bad driver design makes the most sense. They were a very pretty host, but with that driver, not worth having, IMHO. I guess I would have just removed the driver and replaced it with one of...
  12. paul1598419

    Frozen Dragon - Big as a Fighter jet

    The head and beak seem to be as large, if not larger, than the body, thorax, of this bird. I would suspect they are carnivores and their crap might be considerably larger than that of cattle.
  13. paul1598419

    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    We used to have these water spouts out in the Gulf Of Mexico often in the early 1960s. They were much less powerful than the inland tornadoes we got. Had one in 1966 that cut a path less than a mile long that flattened everything in its path. That was the first tornado I got to see the effects of.
  14. paul1598419

    Proper way to use a LPM to do a Power Test

    I usually only tested my lasers for 60 to 90 seconds as that was the limit I would normally have them on. Unless they were lab lasers and on for much longer times, I never tested past these times. I have an M140 that does 2210 mW in an MS Envy host, but I never had it on more than 90 seconds at...
  15. paul1598419

    Issues with a green laser pointer

    These cheap 532nm DPSS lasers use acrylic lenses far more often than glass lenses. These scratch much more easily than any glass lens. That particular laser looks like the ones that can be bought on eBay for ~$10.00 to $12.00 and generally measure between 50 mW and 80 mW. Depending on what...
  16. paul1598419

    Diode Pin snap :(

    Yeah, they had a tailcap switch that was one click on and one click off. He obviously switched it on not realizing he had done so. It burned quite a large hole in his jacket pocket and ran the batteries all the way down, but the laser was okay. I believe it was the host and the driver that kept...
  17. paul1598419

    200mw red 303???

    I'm not certain, but the lens housing is likely the M9X0.5 size and any glass lens should work with that housing. You can pick up a Chinese G2 for ~$8.00 which is about the best of all the options that will give you the least loss. You can get better G2s from DTR's laser shop, but they are more...
  18. paul1598419

    200mw red 303???

    All the Mitsubishi LPC diodes are open can, so it is likely one of those. The LPC836 and LPC840 diodes are the most powerful being about 50 mW or higher than the lower number ones. They are not expensive at all either. I have had pretty good luck with all of mine, though some have said they had...
  19. paul1598419

    Wicked Laser 445nm Self destruct !!!

    That's great news, Alex. Congratulations. I hope you are able to use your new degree to get a good job. Don't be a stranger.
  20. paul1598419

    First laser purchase, first post here from brand new member...

    Go to Survival Lasers for an Eagle pair of goggles. They are very good and the price is very reasonable too. As far as Gatling hosts go.... they are just crap. You couldn't get a worse host for a laser as they have very little heat sinking, especially for lasers over 1 watt. You are not the...