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    Does 473nm lasers look blurry?

    As I'm soon getting a blue aquarius-5 through the CNI groupbuy I'm curious about this. As we all know, 405nm "blu-ray" laser dots and beams is blurry because they are on the edge of our vision. But, is this effect noticeable with a 473nm true blue? I've seen a lot of lights and signs in the...
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    Some foggy beamies

    Hello everybody! I've been away for a while now, as I've had so much to do in school. I don't know what my teachers are thinking. I've hardly had any time to play with my lazers in the past 2 months, but now I'm back in the forum and the hobby again! :D I thought I'd share some beamshots I...
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    Novalasers review: Alpha 125 - Lots of beamshots

    Okay, now I have been at the post office to get this great laser. So here's the reivew... :) I didn't actually buy it directly from Nova, I bought it second-hand from a member here called Kostuhoss. He was very fast and responsive to talk to, and I got the laser from him for about 320$. Not...
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    Some beamshots...

    Nothing fancy, just a couple of (at least to me) nice looking beamshots of my lazers. :) In all the indoor pics, I only had lit some matches and blown out some candles, no fog machine or anything like that was used. I think the beams look nice just with that, I can't wait to get a fog machine...
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    Dirt INSIDE the lens!?

    Today I put some fresh batteries in my x-85 to play a lil with it. Although when I saw the dot, I was completely shocked, it was so dirty I have never seen anything like that! :( I even put a piece of tape over the aperture when I am not using it. I stayed cool though, I thought that I just had...
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    The cops saw my laser beam!

    Yesterday in the late evening, it was pretty foggy in my town, so of course I was playing with my lasers. 8-) I did not point the laser close to cars etc. Nothing special happened, and I went inside to go to bed. But about ten minutes later, I heard that someone was knocking very hard on my...
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    How much will the price of blu-ray drop?

    Well, the title says it all. What do you think that a 6x blu-ray burning pointer will cost in about 2 years? Will the price go down a lot? It would be nice to get a 100mw+ burning blu-ray for under 100 bucks... :D (almosts starts drooling when thinking about this :P)
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    WHat happened to LPF?

    Well, today I should login at lpf. When I tried, a message came up that said something like "technical problems - we will be back in 24hrs." I accepted that and tried to log in later. It worked, but all of my posts that I made later than april the 23rd had been deleted! :-? My PM:s as well! Has...
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    Laser+binoculars=amazing divergence!

    I yesterday figured this out, don't know if anybody else has discovered it yet (probably someone have), but it's amazing! The dot of my x-85 at 100m is about 15 cm wide. When i shine it through a pair of binoculars with the right zoom adjustment, the dot is about 2 cm wide at that range! that...
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    Dirty lens... help!

    The lens of my x-85 just got dirty. I am trying to use a toothpic and a microfiber cloth to clean it, but it does not help! :'( Does anyone here know another way to clean it with better results? I wish the lenses of lasers was not that sensitive to dust and moisture. :(
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    Cheaper blue laser?

    I am pretty interested in getting a portable blue 473nm at about 20mw. I have looked at the optotronics rpl-20, but $929 is just too much for me. :-/ Does anybody know a place where I can get a cheaper portable blue at around that power range? And how is the visibilty of it compared to green at...
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    WL pulsar... Defective!

    I bought the WL pulsar125 a couple of weeks ago and i SO regret that i dealt with them. I only bought it because then i thought it was about the only hi power red on the market. When i first got it, i was so excited. but when i saw the quality, i was VERY dissappointed. it could hardly pop a...
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    Hello, i'm new here

    Hello everybody! I have been reading this forum for quite a long time, and now i finally decided to join in. Although I am new here, I am not completley new to lasers. i have a nova x-85 and a pulsar125. my name is Fredrik, I am 15 years old and from Sweden. The reason to my nickname is that my...