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  1. DeadEYeMo

    The Copernicus

    The unique Wood and Metal host by DeadEye Lasers & Jamal, The Original COPERNICUS. Made with Camphor Burl, Aluminum & Brass. Going for $300. PM if interested. Ready made host for your laser!
  2. DeadEYeMo

    The Copernicus 2

    J is on a roll! Heres the second installment: More Camphor Burl with aluminum and copper accents. :)
  3. DeadEYeMo

    And now, for something completely different....

    Announcing... "THE COPERNICUS" PERFECTION....REQUIRED. The World's First laser host incorporating both wood and metal...finely hand-crafted from the Artists at Osirus Labs & DeadEye Lasers. Featuring a Copper & Brass Heatsink, exquisite...
  4. DeadEYeMo

    Hosts by DeadEye Lasers

    We are re-tooled and ready to go! Now taking orders for our Unique, custom hosts. :) Offering a discount off the regular price for LPF members! PM me for more info!
  5. DeadEYeMo

    Showcase of Custom Hosts ~ DeadEYe Lasers

    We wanted to give a brief showcase of some of the hosts that we have done recently...since the wonderful review by DTR. :D We have the originals,,the Sirius1 and Sirius1-C..with some variations on the theme. We are also introducing the Sirius2-KB. You can see more shots of these on the gallery...
  6. DeadEYeMo

    Hello All...DeadEYeMo here.

    Hi all. Wanted to introduce ourselves...Marilyn & Jamal. I, Marilyn, will mainly be the one posting and connecting with you on this forum, but Jamal will also have input and know whats being said. He's the Artist/Mad Scientist/Musician of the couple...I'm the Geek-of-All-Trades...lol. Jamal...