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  1. nkgamer1990

    Astral Driver - Buck, Boost, & Buck-Boost

    i'd personally like a boost driver that can output around 5 amps
  2. nkgamer1990

    Results: Collimating with cylindrical lens instead of Asphere

    where do you source your fac corrected diodes? i tried some from lasertree and found them to still have a fast axis despite being advertised as 11x11 degree beam angles.
  3. nkgamer1990

    Kryton Groove 405nm 700mw $125

    Selling my Krtyon Groove 405nm 700mw laser with g2 lens. this reading was taken with half charged/ expired batteries so i would expect the output to be close to 1 watt. price is $125 obo
  4. nkgamer1990

    Kryton Groove 520nm 70mw $125

    selling my kryton groove handheld laser with g2 lens. this puts out 70mw on half charged batteries so i would expect the true output to be closer to 100mw. price $125 obo
  5. nkgamer1990

    Kryton 370mw 638nm $100

    Dm me I take PayPal fyi
  6. nkgamer1990

    Waterproof 532nm 350mw $200

    Selling my 350mw waterproof 532 dpss green laser. Had this in my collection for a while. Can include the beam expander for an additional $75
  7. nkgamer1990

    Kryton 370mw 638nm $100

    Selling my beloved kryton groove 638nm. Has a linear driver, g2 lens and puts out 374mw on half charged batteries ( will take another reading and update with fully charged battery) Runs on a single 18650 First $100 takes it
  8. nkgamer1990

    Looking to buy random "lab" parts

    I have a ton of optics and kinematic mounts. Brief list 2 and 3 axis kinematic mounts - 1” and 15mm available - brass flexure mounts Beam combining optics -pbs cubes -dichroic mirrors Correcting optics - cylindrical lens pairs - anamorphic prism pairs Also have some flexmod p3 drivers Have...
  9. nkgamer1990

    flexmod p3 laser drivers

    have a few p3 flexmod drivers available. these were the bee knees once upon a time. 4 available. $25 a piece
  10. nkgamer1990

    looking for highest output 510-520nm single mode

    Been out of the scene for a while Title says it all
  11. nkgamer1990

    WTB HQ 532nm Laser (Dragon, CNI, SKYlasers, Opto, Viasho, Jet, etc.)

    i have a lasever 532nm dpss labby id sell. rated for 500mw but puts out closer to 1w. if anyones interested just reach out.
  12. nkgamer1990

    radiant x4 laser power meter with case $100 shipped

    After a lengthy hiatus this is once again available for sale
  13. nkgamer1990

    lasever 700mw 532nm dpss green lab laser

    whats your offer
  14. nkgamer1990

    lasever 700mw 532nm dpss green lab laser

    completely spaced on putting a price. i'm thinking $500
  15. nkgamer1990

    lasever 700mw 532nm dpss green lab laser

    selling my lasever dpss green laser has a lab psu with modulation input so it can be used in a projector 700mw stable with a 730mw peak manually adjustment and key interlock forget what this cost me new but it was a lot. very few hours on this maybe 3 total.
  16. nkgamer1990

    Looking for brave laserists to test the boost driver

    Count me in. Would be great if the power output could be increased to at least 5amps with heat sinking. Maybe even a round pcb as well.
  17. nkgamer1990

    Lasever dpss L 532nm 600mw

    nice, ya the used one looks exactly like mine. that one from techhood looks interesting. i know him to have good support but kind of hit or miss with some products. pbs cubes and some other optics are usually way off spec. i'll leave it at $500 for now and lower it in a few weeks
  18. nkgamer1990

    Lasever dpss L 532nm 600mw

    link link
  19. nkgamer1990

    Lasever dpss L 532nm 600mw

    Hey Hakzaw long time no see. glad youre still active on here. yes in no rush to sell just thinking i should sell it since i almost never use it. I should add the driver has a 0-5v analog modulation input. forget the frequency.