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  1. MichiganMan

    Wicked Lasers - 5mW Core

    They really should stop lieing, and focus on keeping an accurate output.
  2. MichiganMan

    First Laser sell -CDRglock

    He paid right away, I shipped it the same day, and no problems occurred. He just got it earlier today, and I hope he likes it. It was a WL S3 Arctic. I would definitely deal with him again. Thank you CDRglock, if you ever get an LPM, please share the actual output of it. :)
  3. MichiganMan

    MichiganMan is good to go

    And thank you for no bs at all. I had been checking everyday to see where it was, glad to see you got it with no problems.
  4. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    Re: (FS) WL S3 Arctic 1W Nice, Wish I had handgun money haha, in fact the 92fs is one of my favorite handguns. I am also a gun enthusiast(with no money to support it), I had seen that you were quite the gun enthusiast, on jerzeedevil.
  5. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    Re: (FS) WL S3 Arctic 1W Okay it is shipped, but won't ship out till Tomorrow, I marked it as shipped on PayPal, and added the tracking number. It is USPS priority mail like you requested and shipping was only $9.79. And, Thank you.
  6. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    Re: (FS) WL S3 Arctic 1W 180 sounds good to me I sent you a message with paypal details, and will ship after payment confirmed.
  7. MichiganMan


    Well I am going to knock, and say Hi , are you Aron Brow? If he/she says yes I will say that I know who you are, you did a bad thing to people on LPF and you know it. I am not here to collect any money I will be leaving right after this, I just wanted you to know that it wont be as easy as you...
  8. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    Re: (FS) WL S3 Arctic 1W I don't know how much shipping will be,(however I can figure that out if you were to buy it) and I don't know what Canada's laws on shipping lasers are , I also don't want it get lost in customs, however if you have done this before, and know it will go smoothly then...
  9. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    Re: (FS) WL S3 Arctic 1W It was indeed advertised as 1W, but apparently they are know to be underspec. CDRGlock said he would pay $180 if it was actually working (which it is). I am going to make a video of it burning stuff and what not, to prove that there isnt anything wrong with it. Also...
  10. MichiganMan

    1/2 OZ GOLD Coin anyone?

    I will fix it
  11. MichiganMan

    1/2 OZ GOLD Coin anyone?

    So are we allowed to sell other items on the forums? If so I am selling a processor on ebay, I am sure some people would be interested in.
  12. MichiganMan

    New to hobby lasers, what is next?

    I am unsure on how I feel about the Safety unlock code, It keeps people from messing with it, but it is also a little annoying to enter the sequence every time. To be honest anyone over the age of 8 could figure the password out just by playing with it.
  13. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    Re: (FS) WL S3 Arctic 1W I honestly cannot remember I never went through a whole session from start to finish, I would say 2-3 hours. I take the battery before it gets too low so I never actually drained it completely. To be honest I feel like $150 is kind of low, that is half the price, I...
  14. MichiganMan

    New to hobby lasers, what is next?

    I believe the reason alot of people don't like wicked lasers is because of what they used to be. At first they lied about peoples orders and lost track of them , but why? The reason was that so many people ordered the S3 Arctic at once, it completely blew up in their face and they were...
  15. MichiganMan

    Some great sites that sell laser?

    Money is money :)
  16. MichiganMan

    Need a Laser to kill Spiders (!!)

    I have killed a few Wolf spiders they always get threw my window but are stuck because of the screen mesh. I used my 1W arctic, It is kinda cool how they put there 2 front legs up and try to defend themselves. I don't feel bad because I really hate spiders.
  17. MichiganMan

    Post your random pics!

  18. MichiganMan

    What will burn better?

    This is common sense, as stated above 500mW is obviously going to be more powerful than a 200mw laser. It is like asking which is faster a v6 car versus a v12.
  19. MichiganMan

    (SOLD)-WL S3 Arctic 1W

    I have a Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic, I don't know the actual power, as I dont have a LPM. The only issue I know of is the paint on the button is scratched off, I scratched it off because a little bit of paint was missing on the button and thought it would look better clear. I am considering...
  20. MichiganMan

    How much have you spent on lasers

    How much more were diodes in the 90's?