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    Is there a way to build/buy a safety toggle or cap for a Sanwu Striker?

    Hi, so I'm the proud owner of a Sanwu 7w. I've treated it like one treats a firearm, with great care and respect. I'm however very worried about the fact that this particular model (i own the single function, not the multifunction one) has a fairly, mmm let's say 'not so great' wobbly fire...
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    beam expanders illegal in the UK?

    thank you - will do. was just surprised at the 'repackage'...
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    beam expanders illegal in the UK?

    I've bought a sanwu 7w striker with beam expander. The packaged arrived , marked 'repackaged' by DHL, paid 16gbp for vat, and inside was the striker, fully assembled, no box, and clearly missing the beam expander attachment. So, did i miss something? Are beam expanders now flagged at customs...