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    Decent quality safety goggle for 445nm (blue) lasers from Europe?

    Dear friends, total newbie here. Bought a Thor M2 445nm which came with some green tinted plastic glasses from laserpointstore.com As I read some horror stories here on the Forum, I'd be eager to get good protective glasses for myself and my kid. Are there good sources here in Europe (to avoid...
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    Strange shape of new Thor M2 blue laser and strange "UV" effect?

    OK thank you all very much,. Posted in Welcome section.
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    Hello from Rome Italy

    Mid aged balding father of three always fascinated by lasers since my university years when a cousin in physics brought me to see their laser lab. Use them as presentation pointers, now bought a Thor M2 to play with and impress the unwashed and unkempt. Cheers !
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    Strange shape of new Thor M2 blue laser and strange "UV" effect?

    Dear friends, I received a new Thor M2 laser a few days ago (had to wait to buy and receive the batteries and charger which were not included). Although I find the laser quite "cool", I am not able to focus the beam into a tight circular spot. When I focus it onto the room's wall, at its...