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  1. masterpj

    DIY collimator for 16W IR laser

    Worrysome thread. Refund your product or resell it.. Even if the user wears protective goggles, has a beam dump (doubt it): You'd be a serious hazard to your enviroment who is not aware a lot of laser power is present in your room or outdoor enviroment. IR lasers are some of the most dangerous...
  2. masterpj

    Buying red Hene Laser (Netherlands)

    yeah shipping costs have gone up and stayed up!
  3. masterpj

    Buying red Hene Laser (Netherlands)

    Hi There! To put it simply: I'm looking to buy a red hene laser. .95mw or 1mw is completely fine Most henes listed on ebay are either really pricey or show a blue light at the bore or look to be in a really rough shape. Shipping preference goes out to somewhere in europe as I bet it's a...
  4. masterpj

    Hey pyro, I was very happy with you 5.6mm diode press. I'd love to buy the 3.8mm and 9mm version...

    Hey pyro, I was very happy with you 5.6mm diode press. I'd love to buy the 3.8mm and 9mm version of those and while im at it also would like to buy your 3.8mm and 5.6mm and 9mm extractors. Do you still sell them?
  5. masterpj

    Galvo scanners for DIY projector

    Components go through without any problem.. Galvos are even used in rapid camera tracking systems so not just lasers and aren't considered a dangerous product. Avoid the ones on ebay... a lot of the "30kpps" systems on there lack the HFD (High Frequency Dampening) and cannot be properly tuned...
  6. masterpj

    Looking For Large Angle Scanner

    For most accuracy you'd like scannermax.. it has 2 modes of feedback you can set in software.. one high accuracy at lower rates (although still FAST) and the other lower accuracy at much higher scanrates (alhough still as accurate most galvanometer systems on the market). Engraving systems are...
  7. masterpj

    LD2000 Hero show problem

    This is a limitation of LD2000 intro. You need someone with (I believe basic) or for sure Professional to do it for you. That or buy beyond essentials and import the show in there and do it in that. Do note that import of LD2000 shows wasn't perfect in the past... I think it's way more refined...
  8. masterpj

    Added skype for people loving to chat

    Added skype for people loving to chat
  9. masterpj

    FS: CNI 50mW 589nm with BE, 445nm, and more

    hey flutterpie why not explore the wonder world of laser projectors using your pointers as source.. You might need to clamp them down and put heatsink compound or indium foil around them in a mount that would fit it but it might be an interesting entry into the laser world and keep you using...
  10. masterpj

    sup? :3

    sup? :3
  11. masterpj

    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Sorry for bumping an old thread. bought one and it shipped really fast. Looks great so far. However I'm not using an aixis holder but a small collimator. The sleeve with the screw terminal does not fit over this. Any ideas? :/ I really need to get these diodes recessed and pressed in firmly...
  12. masterpj

    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Can I buy one of the diode presses without going through ebay? (Saves you having to hand over a percentage of the sale too). According to ebay shipping the item to The Netherlands it's 18$ which is a bit rediculous because the item costs 15$. If the shipping is that high a friend of mine can...
  13. masterpj

    That twilight. I love it.

    That twilight. I love it.
  14. masterpj

    Diode Press Sets

    I'm more then fine with the 15$ but it's the 30$ shipping fee that comes on top of it that kinda kills it :(
  15. masterpj

    Diode Press Sets

    Might be bumping something old here. I'm interested in one 5.6mm diode press. Will this work fine on non aixis housings that aren't threaded? The thing is people told me to use the back of a aixis module but I think that the diode will be flush with this housing as the diode normally sat in a...
  16. masterpj

    What the Hell??

    Nah didn't draw it, requested it. A friend of mine called BTBunny drew it. I have some of my own drawings on DA though in the mess of laser pictures.
  17. masterpj

    What the Hell??

    Closest I can get *had requested this drawing a month ago or something
  18. masterpj

    What the Hell??

  19. masterpj

    oh my god ahaahahaha

    oh my god ahaahahaha
  20. masterpj

    What the Hell??

    Today is a good day. No but in all seriousness give it a try sometime. Most people in the community itself are really kind and a lot are also really talented animators and musical talent that get noticed by a community> get attention and then get dragged in the professional world by...