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    Eye injury from lasers

    Depend's on your definition of injury. I would say yes though. I did some stupid shit like this and I have way more floaters than I used to. Not really an injury but still annoying and preventable.

    Cracked Article

    9 Badass Lasers That Prove the Death Star Isn't Far Off | Cracked.com

    2.4W Ehgemus Host

    Re: 2.275W Ehgemus Host Godd@mn that's a powerful laser you have there

    Ac 70-2

    Reporting of Laser Illumination of Aircraft This a document that details the procedures a pilot of an aircraft is supposed to follow when someone shines at laser at his/ her aircraft. It also explains what the FAA and air tower control facility will do. AC 70-2 - Reporting of Laser...

    Jetlasers Green Laser IR Filter Question (Solved! 1.2W peak of green!)

    That is an absolutely ridiculously high powered laser! Congrats on that steal

    Are YOU a fan of scary movies? Here is a list!


    Guitar playing, anybody?

    I used to play but I haven't touched my guitar in a while. I have one of those starter Fender guitars. Got it for Christmas a few years back from the parentals.

    a140 GB relocated

    Re: Anyone up for it? That's probably just because people tend to drive a140's at higher powers (just my theory). As many people have pointed out, the higher the power of the 445's, the more blue they seem.

    We've all done it...

    In 7th grade art class I proceeded to "prove" that the safety scissors we used couldn't cut skin. I closed em around my finger. And then they cut me. Good thing I didn't bet money on that one.
  10. ZRTMWA


    Re: Lol HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm calling that right now that ends up all over LPF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny Daguin Army
  11. ZRTMWA

    highest power with violet or blu-ray. Post yours!!

    Ped actually has a 445nm living at 901mW and got a dead one up to 998mW.
  12. ZRTMWA

    Death of a 12x

    Check out this post of mine from OVER 1 YEAR AGO when I predicted, or rather, made an educated guess than 12x diodes would put out 900mW: 08-25-2009, 11:58 PM #31 ZRTMWA Class 3R Laser Join Date: Jun 2009 Location: Maryland Posts: 1,317 Rep Power: 18 It's from this thread, 2nd page...
  13. ZRTMWA

    A NEW MICRO Laserbee enclosure!

    I'm a big fan of clear enclosures for any electronics. That is sick. I would kill to have a clear cell phone haha. Did you try to fit the thermopile in? Maybe if you moved the "ON OFF" switch to the side closest to the far right tiny black push switch. You would have to drill another hole in the...
  14. ZRTMWA

    WTB: 405 g-1 or 405 Aixiz glass shipping within UK

    Aixiz lenses are more reflective, passing through less laser goodness. This is why they are so cheap. 405-G-1's are much higher quality. PS: HTC Evo > The HTC Touch Pro 2 > HTC Hero
  15. ZRTMWA

    The Trance thread

    This'll probably be my last attempt to keep this thread alive, if it's meant to die its meant to die. AGAIN NOT REALLY TRANCE 07PT2Q_n2YQ Language in the beginning TnAeT2ODwXw
  16. ZRTMWA

    Fs: 445 .55w 150$

    Re: FS: All my laser stuff!!! Cheap! Pics added How can the NOVA's 2 mrad divergence be fixed fairly easily?
  17. ZRTMWA

    More Purple Than Blue

    It depends on the power of the 445 as well. The more higher powered the laser is, the more blue it looks.
  18. ZRTMWA

    Md. Police: Pilots Facing More Danger From Lasers

    My parents were about to show me this but I had already heard about it. All the shops on the boardwalk in Ocean City sell cheapass green laser pointers.
  19. ZRTMWA

    think geek now stock 447nm CNI's for $199

    I'm pretty sure its actually a 5mW 447nm (or 445nm whatevs). Have any laser enthusiasts taken apart an HD-DVD player? I think the article was saying that the reading diode in most HD-DVD players is a 447nm laser. It would explain the higher price tag. I personally can't remember seeing anyone on...