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  1. Codiejman

    FS : blue laser 1-2w size 14500

    Awesome. sure about free ship?
  2. Codiejman

    FS : blue laser 1-2w size 14500

    Can you ship to United States?
  3. Codiejman

    FS : blue laser 1-2w size 14500

    Is the blue laser still for sale?
  4. Codiejman

    Hello LPF from Arkadijus

    Welcome! lots of great stuff here. Check out some of the Multimedia its amazing what some of the members here are doing. As well as consider some of the members for any purchases. @Lifetime17 just built me a laser to be shipped tomorrow and has lots of great host options.
  5. Codiejman

    WTB Sanwu 60mw 488nm pocket series

    @Lifetime17 can you build a 492nm? If not I'd still be interested in a 488nm build. At what cost and mw can be done? I was going to order from Sanwu, however currently both those wavelengths say unavailable when trying add to cart.
  6. Codiejman

    445, 515, 532, 589 and 650nm compilation

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing
  7. Codiejman

    Beams with GoPro 5 Black

    Thanks! Yeah I was very pleased with how well it picked the color up. The camera on my phone picked barely picked up the 532nm and picked up the 445nm as violet unless I used a lot of fog. And then it just made the whole hallway glow blue.
  8. Codiejman

    Beams with GoPro 5 Black

    You're welcome. I love beam shots as well no matter how simple. I had fun taking these. Hope to get a stronger green so they all pop. The blue drowns out my cheap green laser so much I had to keep it on the other side of red. I wanted to order them in line with the color spectrum but I need more...
  9. Codiejman

    Beams with GoPro 5 Black

    Figured I'd throw in some beam shots for everyone to check out. After seeing everyone else's creative shots these don't seem like much. And I wonder if anyone else uses a GoPro with the capture app on a smart phone like I've done here and if they have found any kind of settings that are best for...
  10. Codiejman

    Bitlasers "BitBrew" help

    Thats where I was lol. I'm eager to learn how to build and repair lasers so when one isn't working I jump to more complicated conclusions first and usually its a simple fix like this. at least when its a problem with a purchased laser. once i start putting my own together i'm sure i'll run into...
  11. Codiejman

    Bitlasers "BitBrew" help

    Ok I gotcha. Shows the extent of my current knowledge. But thank you nevertheless!
  12. Codiejman

    Bitlasers "BitBrew" help

    Lol yeah I figured it was probably user error as it seems to be with me so often. And I'll be doing that here shortly :crackup:
  13. Codiejman

    Bitlasers "BitBrew" help

    EDIT: problem solved. One of my batteries was bad So I purchased the 1300mW 445nm bitbrew laser from Bitlasers. I have already emailed them about the issue so I'm waiting on their response. I know he is a member here. But if someone could help me sooner that would be awesome it's not working and...
  14. Codiejman

    638nm 700mW oclaro C6

    I see what you're saying. And that insulation is to prevent negative and positive contacting together?
  15. Codiejman

    638nm 700mW oclaro C6

    I see. So did you just solder on an additional spring to the contact board? Also who doesn't it work with button too batteries?
  16. Codiejman

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum Bruno! There is a lot of info on here best to use the search button first before posting a thread with questions that may have been answered. Use specific categories to make a post to get better response results. Check out all the stickies. Have fun and be safe!
  17. Codiejman

    I'm back....

    Welcome back! Nice to meet ya lol. I just jumped back on here after 6 years and I don't k ow why I let this hobby slip I'm more interested than ever now.
  18. Codiejman

    Problem with Jersagfast -RESOLVED

    Re: Problem with Jersagfast I always wonder how this works. do they put a negative balance on the sellers PayPal if a refund or product is not received after a claim?
  19. Codiejman

    Some pics today with a DSLR!

    Awesome pics! And nice collection. What kind of host are those greens in?
  20. Codiejman

    638nm 700mW oclaro C6

    That did the trick I can hear/feel much less movement from the battery. Thanks!