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    Looking for a mirror galvanometer

    For liquid sky effect alone. You could just use a line generating lense. Or a scanner from an old printer. 1.5watts can injure please be careful. If you decide to sell the lasersendme apm. L
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    So since you are selling completed lasers do you have CDRH certifications?
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    Advice on building 4 x 445nm continuous duty line generating lasers

    Very very coool...... So you used a line generating lense and passed that through the lumia glass to get the vertical scrolling effect? Very cool... thank you for sharing. @ hakzaw call me
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    Old LOTTE turntable to upgrade

    Any idea what mint technic mk5g's are worth? Great project.
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    DIY RGB build on MDF with homemade turning/dichroic mounts. Pic heavy!

    Excellent creativity and.use of.materials
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    Sound card DAC tutorial

    /wave JAMES
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    I broke outthe turntables....... please have a listen

    Well I can throw together a set of house later on this week. Ill work on jungle/drum and bass I have a hundred or so tracks but its been 4at years since I dusted those off.
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    White Fusion Time Machine's are coming

    Hey Jeff give me a call. I am up working on the basement/workshop I may have some tantalizing tidbits for your new add on.
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    I broke outthe turntables....... please have a listen

    . Below the Frequency by NO-ESC on SoundCloud I busted out the decks. Here is a Taste of some nice acidic beats and some alpha waves in different flavors..... I hope you enjoy this live mix I did last Saturday night.. I had a crowd of workbenches, shelves, boxes of blown diodes, a drill...
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    Flood out :eek:

    Hope you and yours and all the gear is safe and sound
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    Physics teacher needing your advice

    I remember seeing a video of someone who goes around to classrooms with a laser presentation and a projector. I cannot for the life of me remember there name. But hopefully some on here does. You might want to check the forums of photonlexicon as I believe that was where I read about Tue...
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    **SOLD**: 1500mW 532nm Green Lab Laser - $760 shipped to USA

    Re: FS: 1500mW 532nm Green Lab Laser - $760 shipped to USA Want this so bad. Two weeks from now I'll take it
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    Dr Evil's SELEM 2011 video and picture topic. PIC HEAVY

    saving this space for smart ass remarks or awesome videos...
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    LASER LENNY VER 1.0 - RGB Projector

    I love my job... Took a stroll by the dumpster on Saturday night and found a 4ft wide 6ft long 1 inch think custom aluminum honeycomb board that had been damaged in the right corner by the binding strap. I now have a bunch of 24x36x1 inch think ultra light panels.... Time to get working on a...
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    LASER LENNY VER 1.0 - RGB Projector

    Actually that was all mounted on invidiual appropriate heatsinks then screwed into a 2ft by 2ft 1inch thick plywood. It is now in pieces while I attempt to use another 1inch thick 20 x 20 inch aluminum plate I scored from work.. it has some threaded holes already so Im trying to fit things to...
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    LASER LENNY VER 1.0 - RGB Projector

    I hope the quality of this video is better than my last one. Enjoy YouTube - ‪LASER LENNY VER 1 0‬‏
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    Jungle rmx using spaghetti

    YouTube - ‪Jungle rmx using spaghetti‬‏ Crappy camera quality filmed over Memorial day. Jungle rmx is from a close friend of mine great track. I made the ilda files in LB and a couple other free programs. Put it all together in Spaghetti
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    Free Silicone Wire samples

    Ill take a sample
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    FIRST FULL COLOR RUN 2.5w self built projector

    Just got home... ended up heading into work around 3pm yesterday... I missed the dark .... So far only shot the beams with a sunlit garage.. cant wait for a night off..