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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Never received anything. Not even a return email or message. I'm over it. Still, not cool.
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    Osram PLT5-488 Aspire Mod

    That looks great! Nice beam and nice host, too. Are those Aspire hosts still available anywhere and is that a momentary switch or on/off?
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    495nm Laser66 Pen Build

    Love the pens! Great build. 495nm is a very nice looking wavelength, too.
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    FS: New mini host-14500x2

    Do you do any of the aluminum with momentary switches?
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    "Unleashing", The 7W Monster By badboybilly

    That's a great build. Good work, Billy!
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    SOLD! Sharp 473/477 Laser For Sale

    I wish I had seen this earlier. Congrats on the buy.
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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    Sent an email AND a PM. No response. I'll try again.
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    Diode press for sale $15.00

    I paid for one of these and never received it. I guess I'll have to get paypal to refund me. :(
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    My 493nm 'Jetlasers Ti-B' Build

    That is one killer collection! The hosts look really good, too. Have fun with the new color. Its pretty great.
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    495nm Leadlight

    Luv the pens! Great beam. Very nice work.
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    Side Button or Rear Clicky

    I like momentary switches. I think an on/off back + momentary side combo is ideal.
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    WTB: Any 477nm/480nm

    How much were they going for? Were these around 480nm or 488? I'm still trying to find a nice 473-480nm pointer to replace the pointer that got stolen with my bag recently. Finding a diode would be half the battle. I may just end up buying a sanwu, although I prefer pointers with a momentary...
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    Sharp 473nm 55mW Laser Build

    I've had no luck with the search. If anyone gets a line on one of these diodes or a pointer with one inside, please let me know. Just shoot me a PM. If you are willing to build one, we can talk, too.
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    WTB: Any 477nm/480nm

    I didn't think there were any more diodes around for sale. Wasn't there talk of Sharp possibly releasing more of these pretty soon? Seems like I read that somewhere around here.
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    My 477nm and 502nm builds.

    Looks cool, Rich. First, I want to replace the one that got stolen with my bag. That was a great build. It will be missed. I bet the thief has no clue what they got. I really like the 473-480nm range. That 495nm one looks great. Has a momentary switch? (Yes!) We'll talk.
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    My 477nm and 502nm builds.

    I really like the 477nm beam. The 502nm looks almost "traffic light" green. That's a very cool color.
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    Fog Machine

    Different fog juices produce different results but I can say from experience that anything other than water-based hazers can trigger allergies. I've had some very rough experiences with oil based hazers. Of course, the oil based ones seem to produce the best effect with lighting and lasers...
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    I'm looking to build a laser as close to 473nm as possible with as much power as I can. What...

    I'm looking to build a laser as close to 473nm as possible with as much power as I can. What lens/module/driver combo would you suggest? What hosts do you have available to accommodate the combo? I should mention, I'm new at this, so be gentle. :)
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    NDB7675 + NUBM07E Laser Build

    Great beam! I'm two years too late.