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    4.75W Handheld Laser

    Thanks for the replies. Looking at NUBM08 455nm 25mm Copper Module W/Driver In a G8 lens. A 22mm heatsink and then a housing to host two 18650 batteries. My question is, is this Housing appropriate for the stuff selected above? S4X™ Host Assembly From survival lasers
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    4.75W Handheld Laser

    Hi everyone, New member here. I've recently started to take an interest in lasers, im wanting to make my own laser from scratch using a laser diode. I've found one, I understand its powerful. NICHIA NUBM08 φ9mm Blue 455nm 450nm 4.75W 5W Laser Diode LD for Laser Pointers (Tin-pin) Now, I know I...