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  1. ultimatehacker

    liquid chargeable batteries? charged by urine???? or blood??? :0

    I found these batteries that are liquid-chargeable (u can apparently use urine or blood to charge them too). I have never seen em before, there pretty cool, there is video of them from 08' so i guess im pretty late. Japan Trend Shop | NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries
  2. ultimatehacker

    Maybe I Just Have a Dirty Mind... (PG-13)

    YouTube - BALZAC Commercial
  3. ultimatehacker

    Post a picture of yourself!

    HEY! ITS REMI GAILLARD! LOLOLOLOL:crackup::crackup::crackup: note: those who dont know him [Remi gaillard], he is known to do stupid stuff. here r som of his vids: Roxane My_UxVYd680 :crackup::crackup::crackup: Tickets rKq571jhM80 :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup: Poil DRL8apr0Z0o...
  4. ultimatehacker

    Post a picture of yourself!

    how r u mostly gay, its either ur gay or not gay. unless ur talking about some other form of gay that i havent herd b4.:thinking:
  5. ultimatehacker

    Pulse Laser Gun

    Oh crap! Ur on this forum too!?
  6. ultimatehacker

    cool mini guns!

    flaminpyro, u probably could fit that micro laser on ur sig on the xythos revolver.
  7. ultimatehacker

    cool mini guns!

    deiselmarine, i saw ur mini revolver on google images p.s. how do u ppl like my hippo-crab laser edit, i made the laser my self with microsoft paint
  8. ultimatehacker

    My laser collection - Show yours

    wat about: orange, green, purple(violet)?
  9. ultimatehacker

    Craziest Thing You've Ever Done

    if u can find a way to peel scotch tape in a vacuum tube it will emit xrays.
  10. ultimatehacker

    cool mini guns!

    found a website that sells them for a lower price! Google Image Result for http://www.kaehny.de/schreckschuss/berloque/xythos_schatulle_au.jpg
  11. ultimatehacker

    My laser collection - Show yours

    question: wat color would u get if u mixed red, orange, and green together?
  12. ultimatehacker

    cool mini guns!

    ok ty
  13. ultimatehacker

    cool mini guns!

    can u show us a pis of the inside of the caps?
  14. ultimatehacker

    My laser collection - Show yours

  15. ultimatehacker

    Happy Christmas!

    that is awkward. i never hear any american use merry in a sentence unless threr talking about christmas. i always imagine british ppl using merry because british speak proper english (to me) and the word merry seems like a proper english word (to me). but they use happy (which is weird to me.)...
  16. ultimatehacker


    the elmo fail KMSpHb1WKrE
  17. ultimatehacker

    Have you ever been to space ?

    el mushroom-itis u r not alone:
  18. ultimatehacker

    pen spinning, leet

    now, all u need is a lightsaber and u can own any jedi...
  19. ultimatehacker

    Happy Christmas!

    happy christmas? thats merry christmas. and its thanksgiving. is there som confusion of seasons here?
  20. ultimatehacker

    Songs that make you really sad

    according to manswers country music is the most depressing music