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  1. LRMNmeyer

    Host poll and !logo contest! Vote fast

    Re: Host poll. pick the best ones! Possible logo contest I would say number 10, followed by number 1. The duty cycle and battery life on 10 would be insane, and I like the design of 1.
  2. LRMNmeyer

    Walmarts Poker Set aluminum Case For Lasers

    I've got something similar for a more expensive poker set my dad got through some credit card deal. It's almost too nice to be made into a laser case. Wait, what am I saying? :thinking:
  3. LRMNmeyer

    What is your internet connection speed?

    Something seems wrong here. The ISP average is about 3 times faster than what this is. Might give them a call sometime. Apparently this is over $100 a month. :wtf:
  4. LRMNmeyer

    Dr's use laser to kill eye worm.

    urgh, having worms inside your eye? Ranks right up there with tapeworm and the like in terms of :barf:ness.
  5. LRMNmeyer

    Member Map

    Hmm. I'm pretty close to Cyparagon, LaserCo., and Viperx1101, and a little ways away from Hemlock Mike. Lots of people in California. Edit: 500th post!
  6. LRMNmeyer

    jayrob 18650SS hot option

    It's cool how your camera picks up this wavelength as bright purple. Nice review.:gj:
  7. LRMNmeyer


    Just 3 NiMH's. So around 3.6V. Same battery pack that would have been in the host. Edit: The wire I used building in the host did conduct electricity. That was two years ago, so different wire.
  8. LRMNmeyer


    A few weeks ago, I tried to hook up a PHR to a V2 Flexdrive and a few AAA's to see if the reason I failed building it earlier was simply a problem with the host I had. I hooked everything up, and it didn't work. No big suprise really. Later, I replaced some wires on a motor to use to make a...
  9. LRMNmeyer

    Anybody Near Wausau, WI ?

    If only I had a driver's license. :banghead: It says he would transport it for $0.50 a mile, but that would be like $100 for me...
  10. LRMNmeyer

    1mW Hand-Held HeNe

    Give a lecture with that. :shhh: How much did you pay for it?
  11. LRMNmeyer

    Ever burned forearm with 445nm at 1000mw?

    I don't have a 445 to compare it with, but a month ago I found out what it felt like to be hit by 10W of CO2. O_O I was at a dermatologist to get warts on my elbow removed, and he asked if I wanted to use liquid nitrogen or a laser. :whistle: Well, he injected painkillers, set a fiber coupled...
  12. LRMNmeyer

    Nova Lasers Price Drops!

    :eek: This makes me wish I would have waited to get a CNI pen...I guess over a year of use is worth the extra $100 though. I could get an Endeavor 175 for what I payed for my X100. :confused: I hope this lasts a while.
  13. LRMNmeyer

    Googles for 125mW Green

    I would go with the LaserGlow goggles. If the Wicked Goggles were really OD 3, the dot would be harder to see than the LaserGlow goggles. I wouldn't recommend getting uncertified goggles - You only get one pair of eyes. And, the OD 7 ones would most likely be too strong, you probably wouldn't...
  14. LRMNmeyer

    Where to buy good yellow/orange lasers or laser diodes?

    Wouldn't the 589 be brighter than the 593 because of the shorter wavelength?
  15. LRMNmeyer

    First youtube video about the Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan?

    Nice video. I'm sort of deciding between this and a DIY build. I like the fixed focus of the Spartan.
  16. LRMNmeyer

    Tonight meteor shower- cool

    Last night we had severe storms. :cryyy: At least the lightning was fun to watch.
  17. LRMNmeyer

    10,000 LR44 Battiers for $100

    Regular price: $17,500.00
  18. LRMNmeyer

    445nm "Evolution" DIY 250mW

    Re: 445nm "Evolution" DIY I'm liking that host. What kind of battery life are you getting out of it?
  19. LRMNmeyer

    We thought the Arctic pissed off Lucas?? WTF IS THIS?

    Lol, I thought you were talking about me for a second. :p *name is Lucas* On topic: If someone makes a beam expander for it... :drool: