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    FINISHED - January 2024 JLasers Giveaway!

    Since my lasers have all gone kaput, I would be delighted to receive one of these.
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    Aw, man...it's knackered.

    I'm attempting to attach pictures but naturally, it's not working. I'll keep trying.
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    Aw, man...it's knackered.

    Thank you for your response. I just had a look at it and it's more than just the lens. Is there a way of replacing the "business end" of this dratted thing?
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    Aw, man...it's knackered.

    A few years ago, I bought a couple of lasers from "Sci-Fi Lasers." I know that a whole bunch of problems occurred with that "company" but I had little issue with the chap in question. However, I need to repair the SF501B 445nm that I have. The lens has stopped focussing and basically, the unit...
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    An Apology for Everyone

    He's been enjoying everyone's money by taking a trip to Japan. Facebook offered me his profile page and he's having fun. Lots of fun! Bastard.
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    Sci-Fi lasers the legend of Eithan

    He's been enjoying everyone's money by taking a trip to Japan. Facebook offered me his profile page and he's having fun.
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    An Apology for Everyone

    I thought that I might as well have my say. I ordered several lasers from Sci Fi lasers and they were ALL good. I even dropped one into a toilet and it still works but one laser lost power not long after it arrived. I sent him a message and he said that he'd replace it. He went quiet... I...
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    Sci-Fi Lasers TheJoker301 Does Not Tell the Truth to Customers or Uphold His Claims

    Re: Sci-fi lasers? I also have a problem with a laser. The trouble is that, at the moment, I cannot afford to send it back for repair or testing. Sci-Fi lasers are definitely the very best out there but....I was disappointed with my last purchase.
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    Found another laser company to avoid!

    Lazerpoint are about the worst company in the universe. Avoid them like the plague. They will steal your money joyfully and ask you all manner of stupid questions about the useless, non functioning crap that they knowingly sell you.
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    Review LazerPoint.com 1000mW Focusable 445nm Blue Laser Package

    I've been fighting with lazerpoint for months. They sent me a useless, non functioning piece of crap and will not refund me. On and on it goes. They are criminals. That's all.
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    The search for batteries...at ground level.

    Thank you! I shall give it a try...
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    The search for batteries...at ground level.

    Sooooo...I recently bought a lovely 1.25w blue laser. It was lovely until the batteries died a few minutes later. Ultrafire 16340 3.7v... I've ordered some but this is going to take a few days to arrive. Where can I go, in the UK high street, to buy these batteries. This is a frustratingly slow...
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    Review LazerPoint.com 1000mW Focusable 445nm Blue Laser Package

    Lazerpoint seems to have a terrible reputation. I am impressed by the review of this laser but how high are the risks of sending them my money?
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    Sold || 4x SF501B 445nm Lasers - 1.15W - 2.3W - all sold

    Waiting patiently to buy the SF501B 445nm. I need one of those in my life! :D
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    You're the experts!

    I've been looking at Wicked Lasers...you know the ones, Arctic and Krypton. I see so many people saying that I could buy an equivalent for far less of a jaw dropping price. So, could someone give me the genuine truth of the matter? Should I buy from WL or do you have an alternative idea? I'd...
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    I ordered a laser from Lazerer on the 9th and I was really excited about getting my first fairly high powered laser... I read a few negative comments about the company but ploughed on regardless. It arrived in a week and it's flipping marvelous! Absolutely smashing stuff! Hats off to them.....
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    Win a WL Spyder Arctic 1W!

    Done! It's a great picture and deserved a like, prize or not.
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    Errrm, my first question!

    I'm new to this sort of thing so forgive my ignorance. I've just seen this for sale on Ebay and I'm wondering whether it's legit or a way of fleecing me of my cash. Burn Match 2000MW 532nm green laser pionter 303 | eBay What's the verdict?
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    I'm a complete newcomer to the world of laser pointers but I'm increasingly fascinated by these things! The ones that I have would most likely be classified as "hurumph...weak" by some people but, you've got to start somewhere. So, if I ask a dumb question or two...have a chuckle at my expense...