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  1. Mr_Lazo

    Custom Machine work offered for trades!!!

    Yeah, that's a setscrew hole. You can barely see it because I have a vinyl screw in there now, until I get some steel ones in. @Eku: All my detailing & completion of the host will be posted on a different thread (E&M), at a later time. I just wanted to show what a kick-a$$ job Mr.Willing did on...
  2. Mr_Lazo

    This may be a very stupid question, but . . .

    Groovy. Thanks for your help, guys. :thanks:
  3. Mr_Lazo

    This may be a very stupid question, but . . .

    The case pin is still floating, at this point. Therefore, if I leave it as such, it will be safe to swap the driver to a floating circuit (case neutral), yes?
  4. Mr_Lazo

    This may be a very stupid question, but . . .

    Would it be a "bad" thing if I were to switch the polarity of a ~100mW BR running on a rckstr driver from case+ to case=? If so, why? I found a great host that, essentially, would only need the lead and ground wires pulled off of the existing board and soldered to the new driver. No other...
  5. Mr_Lazo

    Should FrothyChimp Come back?

    Ooooh... S&M lasers! :spank::drool:
  6. Mr_Lazo

    Help me pick the right one!

    Here's something I'll just throw out there: Check our Buy/Sell/Trade area for something focusable in the ~20mW range. That way, you can set the beam to a wider divergence (making the beam 'thicker' and reducing the power it would deliver to any one point), so you get the double bonus of a...
  7. Mr_Lazo

    PHR-803t Diode Lifespan

    If it helps at all, I've got 3 PHRs that've been running at 100-ish mA for more than 3 months. I had one mysteriously go out on me for a while, but after having it cranked up a bit (it was running around the 30mA range & it was tweaked to ~100) it started working fine again (and still going strong).
  8. Mr_Lazo

    Custom Machine work offered for trades!!!

    Thanks for being so accomodating and responsive! I know my sketches had a number of flaws, and I really appreciate that you kept in contact with me to get my input on the corrections. Beautiful job and great pricing!
  9. Mr_Lazo

    Fantastic job on that custom machining order! :gj: Thanks a bunch!

    Fantastic job on that custom machining order! :gj: Thanks a bunch!
  10. Mr_Lazo

    Im Going Insane!

    At the risk of sounding Zen, the only power that music has over your emotions is the power you give it. Simply put: you don't have to dislike it. Remember, the only thing that has kept humans as a species on top is our adaptability. Just learn to like it. If I got annoyed by the music the...
  11. Mr_Lazo

    Cutting Mirrors

    If you want to save your larger mirrors for other applications, you can also save yourself a little time by ordering some 1x1s I came across on eBay: http://laserpointerforums.com/laser_pointer_forums_3/forum/showthread.php?t=40167 All you'd have to do at that point would be to smooth the edges...
  12. Mr_Lazo

    The "I want to laugh" post

    For this one, you have to read the full name and party affiliation of the DA candidate:
  13. Mr_Lazo

    The "I want to laugh" post

    I had the misfortune of watching the Bear Grylls video right before lunch. :barf: Here's something I stumbled across a while back: This guy is now my personal hero.
  14. Mr_Lazo


    Don't know if any of these have been posted yet...
  15. Mr_Lazo

    Customs SUCKS

    Ah! Now I see. Yeah, customs sucks moose c*ck.
  16. Mr_Lazo

    Customs SUCKS

    Not to sound insenitive or dick-ish, but 156 lasers in the same shipment?! Damn, son! I would file that under "T", for "Tempting Fate". At the risk of seeming paranoid, I've always refrained from ordering "questionable" items in quantities large enough to generate extra attention (or really...
  17. Mr_Lazo

    Can I bring my 50 mW green in a plane to Israel?

    Just don't be stupid: Don't flash it around like an idiot or do anything you would even consider annoying with it. And don't, I repeat, DO NOT, take it on the plane with you. Put it in your checked baggage (sans batteries). Listen to Sam: I have HAD it with the motherf*ckin' LASERS on this...
  18. Mr_Lazo

    can the FDA get us from facebook?

    I'd have to give you a resounding "YES!!!" there. But, all-in-all, unless you're posting pictures of using one of your lasers to do something overtly illegal, like lasing aircraft, and offering any illegal items for sale, you've got very little to worry about. If you want to post some pics of...
  19. Mr_Lazo

    Bomb Price: 405nm AR glass dual layer/lens fit AX/DX

    With all due respect... IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER! ...om nom nom...