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    (Solved) Repairing an old build (2012)

    That's the problem, I don't see a set screw other than the one I have photographed. The rest of the host is just metal all around. I'm pretty sure it was already this way when I bought it too. Only idea that I have left is that there are 4 grooves around the front of the laser, next to the set...
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    (Solved) Repairing an old build (2012)

    I have already located the set screw, and it's shown in the first two images in OP. Problem is that I'm not sure how to access it, as it's behind solid aluminum and I don't see a way to move the set screw outwards. I'm comfortable with soldering and also have a build soldered from parts, I was...
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    (Solved) Repairing an old build (2012)

    This is the build I have https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/sold-2w-445nm-laser-in-highly-polished-host-the-razor.72528/ , but the mounting hex screw for the module seems to be inaccessible and I can't take it out to fix whatever went wrong. Original seller (lazeerer) has long left the hobby...
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    haha thanks, never thought this forum will be up after so long, considering the lifespan of...

    haha thanks, never thought this forum will be up after so long, considering the lifespan of websites :P
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    445nm DIY 2w laser build problems

    Re: the flashing, it is either due to overheating or insufficient current to the driver. It is usually caused by a poor heatsinking/poor connection from the driver to the battery.
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    Feeler: LPM'd ebay pens

    Will order once they are up and LPMed I guess.
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    Feeler: LPM'd ebay pens

    Will you do international shipping to UK? Am interested in 532, 405 ones and maybe 650s.
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    Help with dogs and cats around lasers

    I am surprised nobody has corrected this. The 200mW laser's dot size is unknown, and hence it is completely possible for it to have higher energy per unit area than sunlight. In fact, if you assume 1kW/sqm, as long as the laser's dot is smaller than 2 square centimeters (almost always true for...
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    Is it legal to point a 150mw green laser in the sky? In the US?

    I don't think satellites can be damaged by ground-based lasers. Satellites orbit at hundreds of kilometres (minimum ~200km), and a beam from a handheld laser will have diverged far beyond any damage threshold.
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    Need a Laser to kill Humans (!!)

    That link looks extremely suspicious. Firstly, the wavelength makes it a CO2 laser. The pdf appears to claim that the CO2 mixture is pumped by "compressing" it and making it "flow at Mach 6", using some technobabble. It then states that the laser rifle produces 600J pulsed shots, at 2kW power...
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    xkcd advertises WL

    The actual laser things are pretty accurate, even down to the divergence level. The spot would indeed be that large to within an order of magnitude, considering divergence for average lasers differ by that much. I am only irritated because he advertised WL, it made him look like a shill (I...
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    xkcd advertises WL

    Laser Pointer FUUUUUUUU I was quite impressed with Randall Munroe's degree of research in the subject matters that he discusses in his webcomics, until today.
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    why dogs chase laser beams

    They would be likely to blind themselves before they blind their pet though.
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    another aircraft incident

    Applying a coating would mean covering the entire cockpit window with material resembling that found in laser goggles. This would reduce cockpit visibility as well as make the pilots literally colour blind. It is equivalent to asking everyone to wear bulletproof vests because they are at risk...
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    Underpowering a 910nm 100W pump diode

    Tolerance of measurement of peak Wavelength ±2.0nM The spec sheet says wavelength +- 2nm, that seems to imply that it is a laser diode, unlikely that an LED can produce that kind of output. Or the maker could simply be pulling it from their rear. I certainly agree that it looks far more like...
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    another aircraft incident

    Exactly my thoughts. It was impossible for the pilot to have been injured by a laser, even a 2W blue laser, at that kind of distance. The plane was a good 10km away from the laser, and even with 0.5 mrad divergence the light levels would not be sufficient to cause any kind of damage. Distracted...
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    Anyone have someone mis-handle their laser?

    If it wasn't obvious enough, he meant that you are supposed to keep them properly in a secure location, since it will be your fault if someone blinds themselves with your laser, just as it would if someone shoots themselves with your gun.
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    Laser left in hot car

    Normally, the laser is hottest on the inside, and coolest on the outside. This time it is vice versa, so that should be fine.
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    Highest power, NON-burning, no duty cycle?

    I guess this won't be of much help, since OP has likely left this forum for good, but whoever wrote that article clearly has not seen this. http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/phlatlight-pt-54-red-led-bare-led-12-shipped-w-heatsink-optics-14-shipped-us-74920.html There is absolutely no reason...